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TV Beds: A Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes, the comfiest place to take in your favourite shows and movies is in bed! Plenty of people enjoy spending a quiet night in when in front of the box, and with a TV bed, you can bring small screen entertainment into the comfort of your bedroom with ease. But what’s the difference between a normal bed frame and a TV system? Surely it’s easy enough to stand a TV up on a unit nearby? Maybe – but with a TV bed, you get to save more space, and what’s more, everything you need is accessible at the touch of a button!
Many people see TV beds as something of a luxury, however, they are becoming more and more commonplace across UK bedrooms. These frames will allow you to store LED screens and other facilities, which can hide away when not in use. Therefore, you can simply climb into bed, call your TV screen, and it will slowly pop out at the foot of your bed. When you’ve binge-watched enough for the night, you can then ask it to slide back into the frame. It can be brilliantly convenient!
However, there are still a few things you should be keeping in mind when shopping for a TV bed for the first time. Just because one bed frame offers built-in storage, doesn’t mean that it is the most convenient or most accessible for you and your needs. They can arrive in different shapes, sizes and styles! Therefore, take a look at our buying guide for the full breakdown, and some frequently asked questions at the end.

Why Buy a TV Bed?
TV beds offer the ultimate convenience and luxury for many people. They will allow you to safely store a flat-screen TV in the footboard of your bed itself, meaning that you can easily pop it out and put it away again when needed. It means you are automatically saving a lot of space elsewhere in your bedroom. What’s more, many people simply don’t like having a TV on display all the time! It’s a great way to free up space.
What’s more, you can often store other media devices away without hassle in the same frame. For example, if you have slimline games consoles, you could store these in a TV bed without needing to find space for them elsewhere in your room. Beyond this, it also means you get to tidy away cumbersome cables and wires.
TV beds allow you to easily pop up entertainment when you need it. It offers luxury, convenience and discretion in storage. If keeping your bedroom neat and flush is important to you, this is an option you’re not going to want to miss out on.

Things to Bear in Mind
It may seem as though all TV beds do the same thing. However, there are plenty of factors and features which separate them. Before you go ahead and put any money behind a specific model, make sure to check the following points and to shop around.

Screen Sizing
Most TV beds will accept fairly sizable TV screens. However, do make sure to always check the specs before you buy. If you want to house a 48” screen and the bed you want can only adapt to 32” or less, you’re going to need to look elsewhere.

Bed Sizing
You’re probably going to be looking at TV sizing and specs as standard when buying a bed of this type, but this is of course also very important! Not everyone is going to get on with a king size bed, for example, though these models will likely allow you to store larger TVs. Consider your personal comfort as well as what you can easily store in your bedroom!

The type of control you choose for your TV bed is going to revolve around your needs. For example, many TV beds will let you pop up and control your TV pop-up manually. For many people, this is perfectly reasonable. However, for added convenience and luxury, some people prefer automated systems. This means you can request that your TV screen pops up at the touch of a button. It’s hugely convenient if you don’t want to have to keep getting up to bring your screen into view!

Do also consider what else you’d like to store and house in your TV bed. As mentioned, some beds will allow you to store other equipment such as DVD and Blu-Ray players. This means you could well have your complete entertainment setup at the foot of your bed, ready to pop up and store away when required. That means less hassle when it comes to bringing systems in and out, as well as no more tangled wires.

Built-in Tech
Some of the more advanced TV beds will even have technology built into the frame. This means that you may even find that you can invest in TV beds with surround sound speakers that can connect to any TVs you slot in. If sound quality is important to you, then this is naturally something you are going to want to look for. However, do be aware that you will need to pay more for advanced tech – so take this with a pinch of salt.

Comfort and Quality
Again, you may well be focusing on the TV aspect of these beds, and who can blame you! However, do always make sure to look at the quality and comfort in the build of your frame. Consider the look and feel of a TV bed. Is it likely to blend in well with your existing décor, or to stick out like a sore thumb? Think about material which is likely to be comfortable for you, too. You may prefer leather or fabric – the choice is yours – and again, there is plenty of choice and variance out there.

Frequently Asked Questions
While it may not seem as though there are many questions you could ask about TV beds, you will likely be surprised by how varied these household fixtures can be. What’s more, there are likely to be plenty of factors and features which will define your choice. Here are a few commonly asked questions with answers we feel will benefit you during your shopping journey.

Are TVs Built Into TV Beds?
More often than not, no. This may not always be the case – and of course, if it is, you are likely going to be paying more for the privilege. Many people prefer to buy TV beds without TVs built in, as it means they can choose the technology themselves and easily slide it into the frame. Many people may find the TV tech provided with TV beds to be below the standards they expect.

Do I Really Need a TV Bed?
TV beds are modern luxuries for a lot of people. However, those who do enjoy watching entertainment in their bedrooms may wish to keep bulky technology tucked away. Therefore, a TV bed will take care of this side of things. If you are an avid night-time TV binger, you may benefit from the incredible convenience of having your small screen built right into your bed.

How Much Should I Pay for a TV Bed?
The price of TV beds really varies in terms of size, convenience and build. Most TV beds are likely to start at around £300-£400 at cheapest, however, for the biggest and best models, you are likely going to need to set aside at least £500. Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get the best quality product, however, so make sure to read what other buyers and users have to say on a bed you have your eye on. This is generally a good way to gauge whether or not a frame is going to be worth your money!

Can I Store Other Items in a TV Bed?
Sometimes – though you will need to look out for an ottoman bed if you want to store more than just a TV. As mentioned, many bed frames will let you fit in a games console and Blu-Ray players. You should also be able to house speakers if a frame doesn’t have them built in, as well as other cables and wires. There shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t store and use USB sticks and HDMI devices, either.

For many people, TV beds can seem like the ultimate convenience! Watching TV built right into your bed footer is a fantastic idea – however, it may not be to everyone’s tastes. In any case, if storing your TV in your bed sounds appealing, always make sure to check dimensions, build quality and capability. Otherwise, you could be looking at a system which is a large investment for very little convenience. Take a look at what’s out there, and do also make sure to read up on what regular, verified users have to say. Who knows – the switch to a TV bed could be the best move for luxury and comfort you make!

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