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Trolley Jacks: A Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face it – cars and other road vehicles are very heavy. While we’re sure there are plenty of people out there who can, and have, lifted their own vehicles every now and again, doing so can be a real strain on your body. What’s more, it’s certainly never a safe way to get underneath and work on your vehicle. To be able to safely lift up a car and to work underneath it, you’re going to need a jack of sorts. Jacks come in all shapes and sizes, but in this buying guide, we are specifically going to consider trolley jack systems.
However, with caution, we advise that you should NEVER use a trolley jack alone to prop up a car when you are about to go underneath. You must make sure you support your vehicle as much as possible before you go underneath, with axle stands or otherwise. Another good way to find support, of course, is to ask someone to supervise or to help you after you set your stands up. If you have never worked underneath your car before, then we advise you to take extreme care.
Trolley jacks, as we’ll explore, are some of the most convenient and accessible tools you can use to prop up cars. Rather than straining your back or your arms, you should make sure you have a heavy-duty, supportive jack system which can safely hold your car or van in place while you work underneath. Getting a top quality jack is a matter of safety. Therefore, while you may want to save money on the things you buy to tinker around with, there are no real reasons why you should look to save cash on something that’s going to potentially save you from hurting yourself.

But what should you be looking for in a trolley jack? Is this type of system necessarily going to work best for you? In this guide, we are going to be exploring all the options. What’s more, at the end of our buying rundown, we’ll take you through a few frequently asked questions likely to support you in your shopping journey.

Why Buy a Trolley Jack?
A good trolley jack is a sound investment if you are likely to work underneath or just below your car. People invest in this technology, for example, when they need to change wheels or tyres, or when they need to make adjustments to their axles or suspension. What’s more, buying a trolley jack may actually work out cost-effective for many people. That’s because any work you’d need to take down your local garage you may now be able to tackle yourself with minimal expense. Therefore, if you already know a thing or two about cars and how to fix them, a trolley jack is likely to be a sound investment.
Trolley jacks will normally lift cars up a little, but as mentioned, it’s likely you will need further support. That’s why additional stands, such as those which fit to your axles, can be useful. Instead of relying solely on a jack, you can slide stands in place to help take the car’s weight. This is crucial – we can’t stress this enough – you shouldn’t ever rely on a jack alone to keep your car upright.
What a rolling trolley jack is useful for, therefore, is getting that good, initial lift, and for giving you enough room to put supports underneath. There are plenty of helpful videos online which are likely to give you an extra boost in this regard.
A trolley jack should be a compact, lightweight tool that you can use to push up heavy vehicles if you need to make adjustments. It is likely to be a good purchase for anyone who already knows how to tinker with vehicles, and who knows how to keep safe at the same time.

What to Look For
There are plenty of variations on the humble trolley jack. They all do pretty much the same thing, but these variations are likely to alter the amount you pay in the long run. Here’s a quick rundown of all the features we feel you should be looking for when you shop around online.

Lifting Height and Strength
Truth be told, this is something you’re probably going to need to look for as a priority. Do you know how heavy your car or vehicle is? It’s probably best to err on the side of too much strength, as at least that means your jack is unlikely to snap back. Some jacks, for example, can lift up to two tons, while you can find some which are more or less capable. The trade-off here, generally, is in the pricing.

Build and Durability
If you’re going to buy a good quality trolley jack, you should look for a system that’s made in the best quality material. Think carefully about the types of metal your jack is going to be made of, for example. Steel is likely to be a great choice, though aluminium does also have its strengths. This is something you should ideally be looking to learn more about through verified buyer reviews. You can find a fair bit of detail out through product marketing, but sometimes, it’s better to trust the buyers!

The profile of your trolley lift is going to matter a lot when it comes to the actual height of your vehicle. The lower your car is, the lower the profile you’ll need. This will help you to get right underneath and to gain purchase under what would normally be a fairly difficult vehicle to prise upwards. Of course, taller vehicles, or those with greater ground clearance, will benefit from higher profiles. If you’re only working with one or two vehicles in a given line, then it’s worth putting your money behind the right profile.

Lifting Range
As well as strength, you should be looking carefully at lifting range. This will tell you how far a jack is likely to lift your car, not just its strength in doing so. The greater the range, the more likely it is you’ll be able to get under the tightest of spots. Of course, once again, you should always use stands to tilt and prop up your car!

Axle Stands
As we mentioned – frequently as it’s important – axle stands will support your car. You will likely be able to buy a trolley jack that arrives with axle stands to support the heaviest of vehicles. Therefore, instead of buying everything separately, it might be worth investing in a package that at least gives you recommended stands – rather than you having to figure it all out on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s time to look at a few queries people have regarding trolley jacks online – what are some of the top concerns people have before making a purchase? Let’s take a quick look, and at the same time, let’s see if any of the answers help you along the way.

What’s the Main Difference Between Trolley Jacks and Other Types of Car Jack?
A trolley jack is different to many other types as they are fitted with wheels. This means that you can move them around easily, and you should be able to pivot them underneath your car without much of a struggle. However, some people prefer floor jacks, which can give you a bit more space to work with. Your own tastes and needs will, of course, vary.

How Much Do Trolley Jacks Cost?
Trolley jacks can cost anywhere from £30 upwards. However, we advise that you look at investing a little more money if it means taking a safer option. What’s more, it is certainly worth you investing more in a package deal, which will come with axle stands that you can use to prop up your car and get underneath it. We’d generally advise you pay upwards of £50 for the best models, on the whole.

Can I Get Underneath My Car With Just a Trolley Jack?
No. It’s never a good idea. A trolley jack should only ever be used to prop or prise a car up, which you can then use to your advantage to pop stands underneath. This is a safety measure that should never be understated.

Is It Worth Buying a Trolley Jack?
A trolley jack is a great purchase if you know you are going to need to get under and tinker with your vehicle a lot. A trolley jack is a great asset if you know what you’re doing with your car. It could help to lower the cost of fixing your car, on the whole, but if you’re really not sure about what to do, it’s best to head to a service centre.

Conclusively, a trolley jack is fantastic if you need help getting your car lifted up, but again, do be careful. Take a look at our best picks on this list, and make sure to invest in a system that’s likely to support you in the long run.

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