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It’s probably fairly easy to assume that all backpacks are ideal for travel. Believe it or not, that’s very rarely the case.

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Travel Backpacks: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Backpacks are designed for different purposes and different means! Therefore, you might find some which are ideal for school or university, while others you might use for the odd walk or two. When it comes to travel, however, you are going to need to find a backpack that ticks plenty of boxes. This is especially going to be the case if you’re taking half your life with you across the other side of the world!

Knowing which travel backpacks to buy can be a little arduous at times. There are plenty of well-known brands out there, and as well as looking for something practical, you are obviously going to need to look for something that appeals to your tastes. Getting the design/practical balance can be tricky, but once you’re certain you know what you’re looking for, choosing should be a breeze.

In any case, I’ve written up this brief buying guide for you so you can learn more about the basics of travel backpack buying. Take a look at some of the main points you’ll need to consider, prepare a budget, and always be ready to listen to what verified users have had to say. At the end of the guide, as always, we’ll round up some common queries and concerns.

What is a Travel Backpack?

Let’s not beat around the bush, here. A travel backpack is a bag which you can comfortably wear on your back while travelling for longer periods of time. Travelling normally requires you taking a fair number of possessions with you, which naturally means you’ll need to take plenty of space for storage.

While suitcases and wheelie bags have their purposes, a travel backpack is considered by many to be much more versatile and easy to manage from trip to trip. Your own tastes, of course, may well vary!

A travel backpack is something which is going to need to weather years of use. What use is a travel bag if it breaks apart or falters under heavy weather? Depending on what you’re carrying and where you’re going, you’re going to need to find a pack that’s versatile, durable, and roomy.

While you may already have a trusty backpack that you use for short walks or everyday endeavours, think about how useful it is going to be on long holidays, or lengthier treks. If it’s not ticking the right boxes, it’s time to upgrade to something a little more hard-wearing, or at least a little more suitable.

Things to Look For

As you can imagine, there are going to be more than a few things you should look for in the perfect travel backpack. For one thing, you should be setting yourself a fair budget. We’ll consider pricing a little further on in our guide, but do be aware that this is an aspect you’re going to perhaps need to be flexible with.


All travel backpacks should be ready to roll with the punches. Look for bags which are sturdily-built, designed for toughness, and which are resistant to heavy weather. If you are likely to be going walking or trekking a lot, you are going to need a backpack which will weather the storms with you.

Therefore, look for water and dust proofing, as well as durable design which can take a real knock or two. As mentioned, a bag which is going to tear open at the first sign of stress is simply not going to cut it.

Capacity and Size

Just because a backpack is on the larger side, doesn’t always mean it has the best capacity. The best travel backpacks are those which offer significant storage in a smart way. Special compartments, collapsible sleeves – the works. Always pay attention to the total capacity as advised by the manufacturer.

To make sure this is completely reliable, read up on what verified buyers have had to say. You may even be able to find a few video reviews where you can see the evidence for yourself.


Not all travel backpacks are built for hilly treks or countryside rambles. Some are built for the average travelling businessperson, which means that they are perhaps more designed for their protective and lightweight nature.

If a bag specifically states it has pockets and sleeves for laptops and chargers, it is probably marketed more towards techy travellers, not those who are going on long, rambling journeys.

Appeal and Comfort

Yes, you should always consider the look of a backpack, but at the same time, you should also be thinking about the comfort levels it provides. This is going to be a bag that you’re likely to carry with you for long periods of time. Look for attention to comfort in the design and in the marketing, and once again, read up on buyer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s look at a few concerns people likely raise when looking for travel backpacks.

Do I Need to Buy a Travel Backpack?

It all depends on the travelling you’d like to do! If you’re set on hiking the Himalayas, then yes – you’re going to need a sturdy and reliable pack to see you through. Don’t rely on an everyday bag for your travel endeavours!

How Much Do Travel Backpacks Cost?

This really does vary. Most travel bags are likely to cost £30 or less, however, the most advanced bags on the market will probably retail at over £50. Double-check what the manufacturer means by ‘travel’ before you buy, too!

Is It Worth Paying More?

In many cases, yes. Premium travel backpacks will generally be better-protected against the elements. What’s more, you will likely benefit from more features. Capacity, however, can really vary. Be sure to shop around.


Travel backpacks are life-savers for regular travellers and trekkers. Therefore, make sure you look closely at the bags you’re interested in, and always be ready to trust buyer opinions!