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  • Reliable brand
  • Attractive design
  • Fuss-free packaging


  • Techradar use plus icons like these
  • and this
  • Techradar use minus icons like these
  • and this, but can use any icons in here

2. Best Budget Indoor Basketball Hoop For Bedroom

Here is a styled heading
Here is a styled heading modern blue
Here is a styled heading flat light

Value For Money
Overall Rating
  • Does the job
  • Very good reviews
  • Fantastic price
Cheaper alternatives are available

DDivider in here nicely splitting up the sections and ensuring each product is separated from each other, as they are in boxes, need something bold which is a clear divider that   we are now talking about something different.  I Used su drop cap at start of this paragraph and highlighter SC in this last part. Different labels to highlight text. Default ipsum dolor sit amet. Success adipiscing elit. Warning maximus et risus in blandit. Important vel scelerisque elit. Black finibus sem tellus. Info accumsan justo turpis.


What To Look For When Buying Online

How To Buy The Best Indoor Basketball Hoop For Bedroom

Customer Feedback|Reviews|Customer Reviews|User Reviews
Expert Testing|Expert Reviews|Professional Reviews|Independent Reviews

Group into three pairs: so article one has Usefulness,Quality,Reviews,then article two has Durability, Packaging, Expert Opinion

See spruce tips here for buying on Amazon

Would rather keep the heading open for all merchants, just a general bunch of headings and tips (spun so random on each page) covering all-sorts:
coupons and discounts -go after these terms
staying safe/credit card/https padlock etc
returns -statutory DSR
different merchants -go after modifiers
customer feedback -fake reviews

…mix the indoor basketball hoop for bedroom in here where possible. Don’t overdo and spot-check KW density for a range of different published pages to ensure I stay within limits, especially for 4/5/6 word phrases that are unnatural to be repeated 10 times even in a 500 word page.

Useful Video

FAQ Section

Use Icons to Pretty This Up
Stick a big icon above the header and centre it

Q: How Does This Site Make Money?
A: As an Amazon UK associate, I earn a commission if a user clicks through and makes a qualifying purchase on Amazon.co.uk

Q: How Do You Rate The Products?
A: I try to consider the essential features when using these products, from usefulness to quality.
{This can be tricky as ‘best’ is so subjective! We tend to only recommend great value products that have a solid track record of performance and user satisfaction.}

Q: {Why don’t you give a full review of the recommended products?}
A: I try to outline the key takeaways for each item
info, expert opinions, and user-reviews, to save you the time.}
{I try to provide the essential info that I think is most useful.} {Information overload is real! I try to stick to the essential info to point you in the right direction}
{I try to supply the basic info I think you’ll find most useful, without getting lost in the minutiae}.

BOTTOM LINE: I COULD USE THIS AS A ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY UNDERNEATH THE TOP PICK: Just buy it now|Worth grabbing at this price|Hundreds of users can’t be wrong. Buy now. -This a note. You can change background colours and include other shortcodes within the content.
Could also use one of these, with a nice icon, to pull out some FAQs/modifiers that I want to get in. To break up the text. Don’t necessarily want these grabbing attention away from products, so keep them well down the page.

Service Icons

Service title
Still weighing up your options: Check out -link to currys/johnlewis/ebay/argos etc
Service title
Service title
Service title
Pizza Slice
Service title
Service title
Service title
Service title
Service title
Service title
Check Square
Service title
Check Square O
Service title
Service title
Service title

No cats were hurt whilst writing these reviews title
Integer cursus orci bibendum sem mollis, et bibendum diam sodales.
5 slices of pizza were consumed
Integer cursus orci bibendum sem mollis, et bibendum diam sodales.

Not found what you are looking for? Check out eBay for more options or Google.

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