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Telescopic Ladders: A Buyer’s Guide

Whether for home DIY, fixing high-up problems or getting cats out of trees, telescopic ladders can be a fantastic support. Therefore, why not take a look at buying a ladder which grows as tall as you need it to? Without ladders, our homes and buildings would be at risk of seriously deteriorating. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in reliable kit that can give you the access you need without you ever straining or injuring yourself in the process.
You may already have a home ladder that you use for various projects and purposes. Certainly, no DIY fanatic or joiner will be without one. However, regardless of whether you use a ladder at home or at work, there are plenty of sound reasons why a telescopic unit is going to be your best choice when it comes to reaching up into the nittiest of gritties.
If you’ve never thought about buying and setting up a telescopic ladder before, there are plenty of great reasons why you should start. In this buying guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know about the ladders before you buy, including what you need to look for, what’s considered good value, and why you should buy one in the first place. At the end of the guide, as always, we’ll offer you a few frequently asked questions shoppers pose across the web. It’s worth looking at these to see if your queries are already answered!

Why Buy a Telescopic Ladder?
To some people, the reasons for buying a telescopic ladder might be fairly obvious. The first reason is of course, that you can contract them down and extend them however and whenever you choose. This makes them fantastic for storage. Consider a full ten foot ladder – you might not have room for that in your tiny garage or shed! Therefore, anyone likely to have small amounts of storage space will likely find a telescopic ladder a great choice moving forwards.
There’s also a factor of portability. Moving around with a big ladder can be a real problem for most people. They’re unwieldy, bulky, and they could cause damage or even an injury. Therefore, a simple telescopic ladder can shrink down and pop under your arm, meaning that you will never have to keep your wits about you just to avoid knocking anyone flying!
A retractable or telescopic ladder should also be really versatile for most jobs. For example, you can expect to use this type of ladder for indoor and outdoor tasks. You may find it awkward using bigger, more cumbersome ladders for smaller jobs in the home. For example, a ladder you use to get up onto the roof from the outside might not be the best ladder you could use to get into the attic on the inside. Therefore, a collapsible or telescopic ladder is likely to be a versatile option for plenty of different needs.

These are just a few reasons why a telescopic ladder might come in handy. Of course, your likelihood of usage is going to be a big factor. Telescopic ladder units don’t have to be expensive, but you are going to need to consider whether or not you’re going to be spending money better saved elsewhere. Of course, if you’re already reading this guide, you probably already know what you’re getting into.

Things to Compare and Contrast
Not all telescopic ladders and units are the same. You’re going to need to look for a ladder which benefits your intended use, as well as your profile and your home storage. Of course, obvious factors such as cost come into play, too. But what’s really likely to be the best option for you in the long run? Let’s run down a few key factors everyone should consider before buying their first telescopic ladder.

This is an obvious point, but definitely think carefully about how tall you want or need your ladder to be. Telescopic ladders come in all sizes and heights, meaning that some may be better for smaller, occasional jobs, while others may actually be well-suited to large-scale commercial projects. Maximum height is one thing to consider, but what about contracted height?
Not all collapsible ladders will compact into tiny cubes. Some will still be a fair height even when you shrink them right down! Therefore, you need to think carefully about whether or not you can actually store a ladder at its smallest, not just its tallest.

Weight and Portability
Most telescopic ladders are built to be lightweight and very easy to move around. However, you should always take your own strength into account. If not, you are going to run the risk of straining yourself! The overall weight of a ladder should be easy to spot in its online marketing. However, it is always worth looking at what verified buyers and users have to say. We always point this out, but they are your greatest support in making sure you buy a product that’s going to suit your needs for years to come.
Therefore, consider portability – is it easy to carry around? Are you going to strain yourself? Think about what’s comfortable for you before you put any money behind a ladder.

Stability and Build
You expect all ladders to be strong and sturdy. It should be a given! However, this is something that, again, a verified buyer can help you with. Look carefully at the manufacturing quality, and how the ladder pops up and down. Does it hold firmly when fully locked-out? Beyond this, how easy is your ladder to use in practice? Can you find a video of someone using it in action? It might be time to look at other ladders if the general consensus is it’s flimsy or unlikely to support you for long periods.
A good way to check for build quality is to consider the brand. This doesn’t always follow, but when it comes to items and products where your safety is potentially at stake, you really shouldn’t take any short cuts.

All ladders, you might think, should be safe. That’s at least what we assume when we go looking online. However, for extra confidence, you should look carefully for safety ratings, and ladders which receive approvals from verified bodies and sources. These should be very easy to spot. Of course, the more ratings a ladder has, and the more relevant ratings are, the more confident you will probably be in making a purchase.
Once again, you can look at verified user and buyer reviews in this regard. However, when it comes to safety, you should be ready to trust official markings and certifications, rather than user reviews.

Weight Capacity
Finally, do make sure you can buy a telescopic ladder which can and will support your weight. Most telescopic ladders will safely support able-bodied, healthy individuals. However, this is something you should always keep in mind. More and more telescopic ladders are getting hardier, and what’s more, you should be looking at ladders which can support any additional weight you are likely to want to carry up and down. If this is likely to vary, then make sure you choose a ladder which errs on the side of being too supportive. Otherwise, you are going to risk setting foot on something that is likely to buckle!

Frequently Asked Questions
While telescopic ladders do all generally do the same thing, there are plenty of key differences between some of the more popular models on the market. Therefore, be sure to compare and contrast. In the meantime, have a read through the following frequently asked questions and see if you can find useful answers to your own queries!

What is the Longest Telescopic Ladder Available?
Currently, you will likely only find ladders which are up to eight metres in height, or 26 feet. This is still a lot of height to cover! Therefore, even if this is the maximum height, there are still plenty of ladders out there which are shorter, and better placed to help you reach shorter heights. Make sure you choose a ladder which can and will extend up to the absolute maximum amount you need.

How Much Do Telescopic Ladders Cost?
Generally, you can find telescopic ladders which will cost as little as £30 to £40. However, the most popular and most robust systems are likely to cost upwards of £70. For the sake of safety, we must advise that it is likely to be more beneficial to pay more for a system which is robust and well-built.

Are Telescopic Ladders Ideal for Commercial Work?
Telescopic ladders can be used for a variety of different purposes! You will likely find that there are plenty of ladders out there which you can use at home as well as at work. However, do make sure you check the specifications, buyer reviews and safety markings before you put any money down.

Telescopic ladders are ideal investments for people who need to reach high-up spaces, but who may not have much room to store their equipment in. They are ideal space-savers – however, it is always worth looking out for those with leading safety certifications attached.

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