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Spin Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve not already heard about spinning classes, you may be missing out on some of the most exhilarating exercise around. Spin bikes are intensive workout machines which are built for constant use, often allowing users to monitor their heart rates and a host of other levels and attributes. While some indoor cycles carry these features, spin cycles are altogether more palatable to the intensive exerciser. However, if you’ve already invested in an exercise bike, you may not be too clear on what to expect from a spin cycle!
If you’ve been to a gym at all in the past few years, you may well have seen that spin classes are advertised regularly to members. These classes are fantastic at really helping to get your heart rate up and to burn those extra calories. There is often little out there which can beat a good static bike ride to get the blood pumping! But have you ever considered buying a spin cycle or bike for home?
In this guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about buying a spin bike for your own home or private gym. We’ll look at costs, differences in features, and whether or not it will be worth your time and money to start investing. One thing is for certain, make sure you read this guide in full before you pay a penny! We will also run through a few frequently asked questions at the end of the guide, too, to make sure you are well-equipped and good to go!

Why Buy a Spin Bike?
As mentioned, if you have already owned an exercise bike before, you may well be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to spin cycles. Essentially, a spin bike is better designed for intensive workouts. Spin bikes are ergonomically designed for comfort and are fixed in place, meaning that they are incredibly sturdy and easy to manage.
Spin bikes have been developed with the spin class craze in mind, which is where several people cycle together under instruction. For private use, spin bikes are perfect for following video instruction or remote guidance. Ultimately, you will be investing in a fixed cycle which will help you burn off well over 1,000 calories an hour if you work hard enough. In a world where many of us want to work out harder, yet more efficiently, than ever before, a spin bike is a fantastic asset.
However, there are always going to be a few features and factors you’ll need to bear in mind before buying. While on the face of things spin bikes generally do the same thing, many are built for purpose. Others will carry more display features, while some may be better suited to heavier users. If you’re looking for your own spin bike, it’s worth keeping all of these differentials in mind.
What’s more, you may want to invest in a spin bike if you don’t fancy paying out for a gym membership. This might also be a good idea if you don’t have enough time on your plate to go to the gym every day. If you’re keen to get exercising, however, a spin bike could give you all the support you need and more besides.

Things to Consider
You should certainly be shopping with an open mind, as you are not necessarily going to find the perfect spin bike on your first try. What’s more, you should bear in mind that paying more doesn’t always mean you get access to the best bikes on the market. We will, of course, cover costs a little further down.
In the meantime, here are the absolute basics, and a few extra features, you should be looking for and comparing while shopping around for a spin bike.

Your Exercise Level and Profile
One of the first things you should be taking into account is your own profile and needs. By this, we mean you should be looking for a bike which will easily support your weight, as well as the intensity that you’d like to use it at. For example, if you are going to be pedalling hell for leather every day, you’re going to need a pretty sturdy bike. Look for heavier, more durable machines.

Resistance Features
Do also start thinking about resistance. Resistance is something that all good exercise machines should provide plenty of. It’s this which will help you to burn more calories, and to help push yourself further. Some spin bike resistance features will include belt drives. Belt drive bikes let you switch up the resistance through a belt which is attached to the pedals. The tighter the belt, the more resistance you’ll get.
Otherwise, you may find that some spin bikes come fitted with magnetic resistance. This type of system is just as effective at helping to resist, though if you are just getting started with spinning, you may find the tension a little bit tough to adapt to right away. We suggest taking a closer look at belt resistance bikes if you are new to the concept, before working your way up.
Do also compare flywheels – as these will also help you gauge how much resistance you’ll get from ride to ride.

Displays and Data
Not all bikes come fitted with displays, and spin bikes fall under this umbrella, too. However, with spin classes still being extremely popular with regular exercisers, it makes sense that more and more models are giving you extra data to work with. Many people want to keep track of the calories they burn, as well as their heart rate during intensive exercise. Otherwise, how will you know how hard you are pushing yourself?
Display units can come in all shapes, sizes and complexities. Some systems may even emulate tracks for you to cycle down, while others will let you play workout programs while you cycle. Naturally, the more advanced the technology, the more money you are ultimately going to pay. Do bear this in mind if you are shocked at how much you may be asked to invest!

Frequently Asked Questions
As always, there are going to be a few questions you’ll probably want to ask when shopping around for a spin bike for the first time. Here are a few we think you should be keeping in mind.

What’s the Difference Between a Spin Bike and a Normal Exercise Bike?
There isn’t really such a thing as a ‘normal’ exercise bike! Spin bikes are built for more intensive exercise, which means that if you are likely to push yourself harder and harder, they are likely to be your best option.

Are Spin Bikes Easy to Use?
Spinning is very easy to get into, but it can get quite intense for those who are used to more casual rides. Therefore, it may be worth you trying out a spin class before you buy. This way, you will be able to tell whether or not it is worth you investing your money in the equipment. However, many people adapt to spinning fairly easily, which means you may well find it a breeze to grow into the exercise.

Can I Take Part in Spin Classes at Home?
Many people choose to invest in spin classes for the fact that they can take part in home classes. You can find videos and instruction online, for example. Otherwise, if you are already part of a spin class, you may be given homework and targets to reach on your own before your next session. Therefore, a spin bike may be well worth the money.

How Much Should I Pay for a Spin Bike?
As mentioned, this is likely going to depend on the features you need, and how much durability you require. It doesn’t always follow that the more expensive cycles are the best, however. You can generally expect to pay between £100 and £200 for these kinds of bike. However, do be prepared to pay over £300 for the best models and brands. You don’t always have to sway towards these systems unless you feel it is worthwhile to your routine, however!

Do I Need a Display?
Many cyclists and spinners get on fine without data and displays. Therefore, it all depends on your tastes and needs. Displays and data can help to motivate you and to set goals. If you have already use spin bikes in a gym and are keen to push yourself towards your goals, make sure to take advantage of a unit with a clear display.

Spin bikes are a great way to get fit, however, they can be very intensive. Therefore, it is well worth trying before you buy if possible. Make sure to consult a doctor before you start any strenuous exercise from a standing start, and don’t forget to take things smoothly and slowly to begin with. Aside from that, take a good look at some of the brilliant gadgets and systems out there and really throw yourself into the world of spinning!

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