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Smart Video Doorbell Buying Guide For 2022

Our homes are getting smarter, and for good reason! There’s never been more technology around to help us secure our homes and to help keep things running efficiently. For that reason, one of the popular home standards you may wish to look for will be a smart video doorbell.

While a doorbell will, generally, alert you to anyone who may be approaching your property, a video system goes one further – think of this type of system to be a little bit like a door peephole with a bit more technology built in. Smart doorbell technology has come a long way in a short period of time, which means that they offer a lot more flexibility and control to the user.

But what exactly should you be looking for from the ideal video doorbell? What elements come as standard, and which are more of a luxury? In this buying guide, we’ll break down all the facts for you right here. We will also take a close look at a few commonly asked questions people pose when shopping for video doorbell technology.

Why Get a Smart Video Doorbell?

The first major benefit of a video doorbell is the fact that you can see who’s at your door without you needing to actually go up and check. Most smart doorbells will come with a free app for your smartphone or tablet, which will alert you when your doorbell is pressed, and will show you who has pressed it.

This works on a live feed basis, meaning that you are always in control of the situation. For many people, it is a fantastic first line of defence against nuisance callers or would be intruders. Why intruders would press the doorbell remains to be seen – but it really does take all sorts!

One of the best features of a smart video doorbell and its app is the fact that you can get remote alerts. This means you can be on holiday or at work and you will still receive an alert and a video feed of who’s at your door. If you’re expecting someone, this feature will act as a comfort, and if you’re not, it will act as an alert. Ultimately, it is smart technology which gives you greater control over your premises with a few fantastic features.

Features to Look For and Compare

Believe it or not, there are actually more than a few differences between smart doorbells on the market. That’s the reason this buying guide exists – to help break things down for you! Beyond this, there may be a few features you might want to invest in for the appeal, or for the added convenience.

Either way, it’s time to break things down a little further. Here are a few things we think you should be considering when buying your video doorbell for the first time.

Wired or Wireless?

Smart video doorbells can differ in terms of how they are hooked up and powered. Wiring up your doorbell may be a hassle, but at least you will never have to worry about switching out batteries, or being caught on the hop if the power depletes.

Beyond this, wired models are generally more reliable if you have to travel or go away for a few days. This way, your doorbell can stay fully-powered without risk of shutdown.

Two-Way Communication

This isn’t a standard which is included with all models, but the more advanced technology will actually let you communicate with whoever is at your door without you answering it. It’s a nice little security feature which could sway your purchase.

It’s something we generally advise you look for wherever possible, though you won’t always have to use it – it’s very much an optional extra.

Video Quality

You may not think that video quality matters when it comes to a video doorbell, but you’re going to want to see who it is that’s at your door! 1080p is a great quality standard to look for, and for good all-around coverage, you should also be thinking about looking at night vision functionality. This way, if someone tries calling on you at night, you can see exactly who it is.

Chime Technology

Believe it or not, not all video doorbells come with a chime! If you’re dependent on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll get an alert through here instead. This can be really convenient, but if you’d prefer the best of both worlds, look for a model which emits a chime or tune when pressed.

Face Recognition

Yes, we’re now at a point in time when we can install face recognition on our own front doors! This service will let you vet who’s approaching your door based on presets you can manage. It’s fantastic technology which is changing the face – pun intended – of home security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a moment to consider a few queries shoppers ask while buying smart video doorbells.

How Much Do Smart Video Doorbells Cost?

It’s worth researching the market, as the cost of video doorbells can and will vary depending on what you need in terms of features and functionality.

You can generally find reliable wireless models for around £60-£70, but do be prepared to pay hundreds for the latest technology and the most reliable standards.

Can I Use a Smart Doorbell From Afar?

Yes! The fantastic benefit of a smart doorbell is that it will alert you via phone or tablet wherever you are. There really is no easier way to keep a lookout on your immediate premises. It’s a good way to vet who has access to your property.

Are Wireless Doorbells the Best?

Wireless doorbells may seem like less hassle than their wired counterparts, but what happens if the batteries die while you’re away? You’ll also have to keep changing the batteries on a regular basis – which may be fairly irritating. It is all a matter of what is convenient for you.


Smart video doorbells seem like they are presenting the future of home technology – but they are right here in the present! Take a look at what’s available, watch video reviews and see what verified buyers have to say, too.

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