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Seat Boxes: A Buyer’s Guide

As anglers and fishing enthusiasts all know, there are more than a few things you need to keep handy to make sure you’re ready to cast out and get the perfect bite or two! Therefore, it’s always worth taking a look online to see what other anglers use regularly when out and about. For example – have you ever considered investing in your own seat box? If you’re just starting out with fishing, it’s understandable if you’re even unsure of what a seat box actually is! Don’t worry!
While anglers will have used a variety of boxes and baskets over the years to hold equipment in, things have come a long way. Fishing sea boxes pretty much do what their names suggest. They double up as seats as well as boxes! Therefore, anglers can take a seat by the water’s edge and easily reach in and equip themselves with tackle and bait as required. As fishing is always an activity which requires a lot of patience and sitting around, it makes sense that you should have a convenient storage option with you at all times.
But what should you really be looking for in terms of a seat box? Will any old box or cabinet do? Not necessarily. There are actually plenty of things you can compare and contrast between various products on the market. So, where do you even start?
This buyer’s guide exists to help you find the best seat boxes online as well as in specialist fishing shops. Take a look at what we have to say about the leading models, defining factors and more. What’s more, keep reading and check out the frequently asked questions at the very end of the page.

Why Buy a Seat Box?
Anyone who has been fishing before will know that there is plenty you’ll need to keep to hand. Think about all the times you’ll need to switch bait out and to accessorise your rod! Reaching over to unwieldy boxes and crates can get very annoying – even physically aggravating after a while. Therefore, a good amount of storage that’s easy to reach is always going to be a good plan. Why not combine it with a seat?
You should also think about finding a seat or chair that is comfortable for hours at a time. You never really know when you’re going to get a bite, which means you should keep yourself comfy. Finding a perfect fishing seat that lowers fatigue isn’t always easy, however. Thankfully, seat boxes are designed with comfort in seating in mind as well as storage and box volume.
As a concept, a seat box is a great idea. However, what you may not know is that there are plenty of differences between the leading models available. Let’s take a closer look.

Things to Consider
Seat boxes generally do two things – offer you ease of storage and somewhere comfortable to sit for hours at a time while fishing. That much is obvious! However, most box manufacturers are likely to tell you that they will offer you the best in comfort as well as useful storage. It’s worth knowing how to tell the genuine articles from the less useful options. Always look for the below when shopping around.

Box Volume and Sections
This is something you should look for as a priority. How much can a seat box hold? What do you need it to store? Some boxes come with drawers and pockets for you to store tackle and bait in. Others will just offer you hollow spaces to throw everything in. What’s going to work best for you? Consider the layout of sections, too. Is it easy enough for you to bend down and reach into the pockets and drawers of a box, or do you have to physically get up and rummage around?

Box Comfort
This is something which can be hard to judge, at least online. In a shop or fishing store, you at least have the option to physically sit on a seat box and tell whether or not it’s going to help you long-term. You can, however, look at a few telling points in the manufacturer blurbs. For example, a seat box may be ergonomically designed to offer long-term comfort, while others may use cheap, flimsy plastic. Another thing to consider with comfort is, of course, load bearing. How much weight can a seat box handle over time? It’s something you should never be too embarrassed to look into.
You might even find some seat boxes that offer cushioning! This may be something you pay a little bit extra for. However, rather than lug a separate set of cushions with you – which are going to get uncomfortable to sit on over long periods – it makes sense to buy a seat box system with padding already built-in. Your own tastes and needs, of course, will vary!

Ease of Storage and Portability
The way you get to and from your fishing haunts may vary. You may choose to walk to lakes and rivers, while other times, you may want to drive to bodies of water which are a little further off. In any case, it makes sense to invest in a seat box which is relatively lightweight for you to carry. Look at how a seat box compacts. Does it fold down completely, or will you have to store the full box in your car’s boot? It may not seem like much of an issue on paper, but if you already know that you are working with limited space, you should think about measuring up before you buy.

Added Functionality
Many seat boxes have added features and functions which help to make them more useful across long fishing trips, as well as for angling over years at a time. Therefore, don’t be shy to look closely at those boxes which offer fancier features and tools. For example, some boxes have footplates and steps, to allow you to keep stable while fishing. Others will have trays and barrows, which make for easy setup from trip to trip. Generally, you might have to pay a bit extra for the most capable of systems, but if you are a keen angler, you will likely want to invest more cash. It’s probably worth doing if you intend to keep your hobby up for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions
Finally, let’s consider some of the more common queries people ask when buying seat boxes for fishing. Not all seat boxes do the same thing, but many people will likely look for the same functionality from model to model. Here are a few answers you might find useful to keep in mind while shopping.

Can I Store Rods and Lines in a Seat Box?
Not all seat boxes have rod and line supports, but some do! This might seem like a premium feature in some cases, but many cheaper boxes actually incorporate this into their designs. Bear in mind that not all seat boxes are designed for all anglers – there are plenty of features which differ. That’s the whole point of this guide!

How Much Should I pay for a Seat Box?
A basic fishing seat boxes probably won’t cost you too much in terms of initial investment. However, you’ll need to think carefully about long-term use. It may be worth you paying a little more than the average if you are going to need somewhere comfy to sit, and somewhere convenient to grab your accessories from during long stays at the water’s edge. You will probably pay around £20-£30 for a basic seat box, but others, more advanced models and more, could cost £100+. Look around with a discerning eye, as always!

Do I Need a Seat Box?
Many anglers don’t realise they need a good seat box until they have been on a fair few fishing trips! They find that they start to get sore or fatigued after a long time of sitting around. What’s more, fiddling around with bait and tackle isn’t easy. A seat box will help you access what you need without overstretching. Fishing is meant to be a relaxing activity – why over-exert yourself?

Should I Buy a Seat Box as a Beginner?
Most anglers will tell you that the earlier you buy a seat box, the better. You may not have too much equipment to begin with, however, a great box is something you can grow into and fill as the years go by. Therefore, make sure to invest in a box that’s comfy, roomy, and which will likely help you in the years of hobbying to come.

Not all anglers sit on rough banks or stand up for hours on end! Seat boxes for fishing are fantastic at helping you keep comfy through long stays by the water’s edge. Fishing is meant to be comfy and relaxing – why make things painful or fatiguing? Don’t defeat the object of a good fishing trip – but a seat box and take a load off.

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