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Portable TVs: A Buyer’s Guide

We live in a day and age where it has never been easier to entertain ourselves on the go. Thanks to the rise of smartphones, tablets and 4G data, we can now stream music and video almost anywhere we like in the UK. However, there is still a major market for portable TVs. Then again, modern TVs are likely to be nothing like those handheld colour models that ran on batteries years and years ago!
Just as how the world has moved on with digital music and audio, video and TV is very much the same. Analogue TV went the way of the ghost a long time ago, and as such, there is no chance of you finding a portable TV nowadays with a clunky aerial or bulky back. If anything, things are more streamlined than ever.
There are plenty of great reasons why people will want to buy a portable TV to take with them on the go. Many TVs you can take with you will offer built-in tuning to digital channels, as well as spectacular modern sound. The technology has come a long way in 30 years, we will tell you this much!
But what should you be looking for in the ideal portable TV? If you’re not really into your streaming, or value high quality, high definition entertainment on the go, there are a few things you should ideally keep in mind. Therefore, we’re here to help narrow things down for you. Stick around, too, as we will run through a few frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice in modern portable TV.

Why Buy a Portable TV?
The basic answer to this should be fairly obvious – to watch your favourite shows and movies on the go. However, many people will wonder why you should invest in a portable TV, when so many people are streaming video from YouTube, NOW TV and Netflix on their phones and tablets. The fact is, not everyone wants to stream this way.
In fact, it works both ways. Some people are keen to avoid the new tech altogether as they prefer TV standards. Others, meanwhile, are keen to look for the best in visual and audio entertainment on the move. A phone or tablet is only going to help movies and shows look so good, on the whole.
You can, therefore, find portable TVs which offer a variety of screen sizes and aspect ratios. You may even be able to find portable TV units which offer 1080p definition. For the layman, this all sounds fairly fancy – it basically means you could get the same quality visuals you experience at home, on the move. That’s pretty incredible, if you think about it!
It’s worth buying a portable TV if you are likely to value high-quality visuals in the entertainment you watch. Many people will find streaming to be pretty easy on the whole. However, further benefits to using a portable TV include the fact that you won’t have to use a data connection. All you’ll need is a TV licence and a TV package. In most cases, Freeview TV channels will arrive built-in, so that’s one problem solved.
As always, there are going to be a few things you need to consider when shopping around. No two portable TVs are ever going to do the same thing!

Things to Look for in a Portable TV
A portable TV is something people will want to invest in if they are likely to move around a lot, or if they want access to high definition entertainment in the car or while on holiday. Therefore, as you can imagine, there are more than a few things you will likely want to compare between.
Here’s our pick of the basics, and more, which you should look out for while shopping around.

Battery Life and Power
You should always be able to plug a portable TV into the electricity mains. However, what makes these systems so portable is the fact that you can run them via battery! Therefore, it makes sense to look at battery life in close detail. Most portable TVs will run on lithium-ion batteries, which are generally very efficient and will last for a long time.
However, a portable TV is going to use a lot of power. Therefore, be sure to read up on more than just a product description. Check what verified buyers say about how long their TVs last, on the whole. You should also be sure to check out a video review or two, too, to get the full lowdown on what to expect.

Proofing and Protection
It’s not something which applies to all TVs, however, a good portable TV worth your money should offer some waterproofing. It’s not common to find portable TVs with high IP ratings, though you should always compare and contrast to best effect. This way, if you are likely to take your TV to the beach, or to the pool, you can be sure that the odd splash isn’t going to do any harm.
If you’re going to take your portable TV camping, it’s also important you look for systems that are hardy against dust, dirt and debris. Once again, you should make sure to check the IP ratings on any products you shop between, as this will ensure you receive complete protection against the elements.

Definition and Aspect Ratio
These factors are likely to separate most portable TVs in terms of cost. High definition TVs, such as those offering 1080p and Full HD, are likely to offer sharper, clearer-defined images than you would expect from lesser models. Therefore, if you really want the full picture, or at least one that looks amazing on the go, you should prioritise this aspect.
Speaking of aspect, there is also aspect ratio. Ratio will define how your image appears. In other words, you could buy a portable TV with a widescreen or letterbox format. Widescreen TVs, for example, will offer an aspect ratio of 16:9. However, this is just one option. It is well worth doing some reading on what you can expect in terms of ratio and definition!

Size and Bulk
The size of your TV is going to impact on its portability. However, it is also going to impact on your experience! You can buy portable TVs which are as small as 6” in terms of their screens. However, if you are looking for HD and more besides, it is likely you will want to look for something a little bit bigger. Therefore, you could buy a portable TV that is as large as 18”.
However, again, you need to think about portability. If you are more concerned about ease of movement than you are about the sharpness or appearance of your image, then you should look at smaller models. However, for some people, this may defeat the object of getting a portable TV in the first place!
Think carefully about what you want to use a portable TV for, and what is likely to be most practical and most convenient in the long run.

Yes, you can even connect all your favourite devices to the best portable TVs. However, this is going to vary in terms of how modern a TV you buy, as well as how large the system is that you are purchasing. Generally, the bigger the TV, the more ports and functions it is likely to have on the rear, and on the sides!
You can connect devices to portable TVs through HDMI, VGA, USB and SCART, for example. This means that you will likely be able to connect media streaming players, Blu-Ray players and more besides. Once again, shop around for the most practical and functional models.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s that time again – to consider some of the more frequently-asked questions posed by shoppers looking for portable TVs online. Here is our pick of some of the most popular queries.

How Much Do Portable TVs Cost?
You can generally find a good portable TV for as little as £100. However, if you have a nose for a bargain, you may be able to find cheaper. Do remember that the higher the price, the more likely it is you will receive more functions and greater adaptability.

Is It Worth Buying a Portable TV?
Buying a portable TV is certainly worth it if you want to watch high quality entertainment on the go! It’ll also let you plug in streaming devices, games consoles and more on the move.

Are Companies Still Making Portable TVs?
Yes! At least, for the time being! There is still a huge demand for high-quality entertainment on the go. What’s more, it’s not so easy to plug home entertainment devices into an iPad or a Galaxy Tab!

Portable TVs are perhaps more popular now than they have ever been. Many of us want to watch our favourite TV shows and movies on the go! That’s why there is still so much choice online! Make sure to look at the bigger brands and TVs which are most popular with the buying public.

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