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Planer Thicknessers: A Buyer’s Guide

Woodworking often requires a fair number of specialist tools. Not only do you need them to get the job done, but you’ll also need them to keep safe in all that you do. One of the best tools you can buy to really shave down and manipulate various types of wood is, of course, the planer thicknesser. Much like a traditional plane, a planer thicknesser is going to be your best asset when you want to smooth and shave down wood. It’s a power tool which can help you to carefully trim down wood without losing any essential thickness as you go.
Therefore, if you regularly work with wood and you find that you are struggling to keep the right consistency in your planing and shaving, it’s likely you are going to benefit from this type of power tool. But why else should you buy a planer thicknesser? And what should you really be looking for when you go to make such a purchase? In this guide, we are going to explore the best options, and to consider what is likely to work best for you in the long run.
At the end of the guide, we will also run through a few frequently asked questions, which may well help you to identify the best choices for your own specific projects. What makes one planer thicknesser more valuable than the next? Let’s take a quick look through and find out.

Why Buy a Planer Thicknesser?
People working with wood will likely be looking to create a specific look and feel from their work. In some cases, it’s hard to plane or shave down wood without losing a lot of crucial thickness. Therefore, a planer thicknesser exists to help you achieve such a balance. A planer will shave down wood, while a thicknesser will help to retain the right amount of thickness – as you can imagine. A planer thicknesser combines the two functions, with one working as a straightforward wood shaver, with the other working to retain the wood’s thickness.
Crucially, it’s a two in one tool. It is likely to appeal to many people because it will reduce footprint in a workshop. Planer thicknessers are generally great ideas for hobbyists and those workshops which are smaller than most. Rather than having to invest in two different tools, it makes sense to have a system that tackles as much as possible in one go.
Therefore, while it might not be a system that many people assume is an essential right away, it can reduce a lot of hassle for plenty of people. Make sure to look carefully for planer thicknessers from leading brands, as well as those which have good reviews from verified buyers online. A planer thicknesser is going to be a great idea if you are working with a specific type of wood regularly, or if you are creating projects which rely on uniformity and style.
However, it’s not always so easy to find the best planer thicknesser for the job you want to do. Therefore, it’s time to start considering what separates the best planer thicknesser devices, and what’s likely to be your best investment in the long run.

Things You Should Look For
There are plenty of things you should be looking for in finding the ideal planer thicknesser. While it might seem as though a generic model is likely to as good a job as any other, there are a few points you should consider before throwing your money behind any kind of tool. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial elements you need to shop around for.

Consider Your Use
More so than most tools, a planer thicknesser that’s ideal for you is going to depend on your workload, and how you’re going to use it in the long run. Most experts in woodwork will tell you that while a dual planer thicknesser system is convenient, it’s probably best suited to low-intensity work, as a dedicated thicknesser may well get you through more jobs more quickly. The more work you have to do, the less beneficial a planer thicknesser is likely to be – at least, that’s what experts suggest.

You should ideally look for a planer thicknesser that has power to match your supply. If you want to make use of faster, more powerful systems, you should look carefully at upping your power supply. It’s never a good idea to overload things, for reasons that should be fairly obvious.

Ease of Use
Most planer thicknessers are likely to be very easy to use. It’s not very often that you find a tool that does two distinct jobs in one go. However, you should be paying attention to what verified buyers have to say. These buyers will be happy to let you know what you can expect from ease of use, meaning that while the marketing might give you a glowing review, it’s the people who are more likely to be honest.
The best planer thicknessers will let you switch between modes without needing to do much in between.

Size of Device
The size of your planer thicknesser is going to matter a lot. They will vary depending on the depth and width of wood you are likely to be working with. While it’s tempting to go with a larger system as a catch-all option, there is the argument that smaller, better suited devices are likely to be much more precise. It’s easy enough to select your ideal planer thicknesser from a scale, but again, think carefully about the work you actually want to do.

Extra Thicknessing Features
Many planer thicknesser devices will have thicknessing add-ons and extra features. These are perfect for customising your project. For example, you can adjust the accuracy of your device, and you can even choose to feed the wood in through a specific speed or fashion. Some thicknesser devices will even have LEDs to help you along the way.

Brands and Manufacturers
Another major consideration for many people will be the brand or manufacturer in play. A planer thicknesser from a major brand may appear more trustworthy, or more likely to offer reliable results. However, it’s worthwhile bearing in mind that just because a product has a good brand, that doesn’t make it the best on the market. There are plenty of smaller brands out there which produce solid results.
However, it is well worth looking out for planer thicknessers which are safe and durable. A lot of the time, the best brands are likely to offer more in the way of innovation. Therefore, it’s really up to you – make sure to read up on what users have to say.

Frequently Asked Questions
A planer thicknesser is not an everyday purchase, that’s for certain – and it’s clear that plenty of people have plenty to ask about these devices. Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions to help clear up your own choice.

Why Should I Buy a Planer Thicknesser?
If you’re new to any kind of woodwork, it may not occur to you that a planer thicknesser is worth getting at all. However, seasoned woodworkers and professionals will likely tell you that planing extensively can ruin any good chance you get of retaining a decent amount of thickness in wood. A planer thicknesser, therefore, will let you shave wood down, but you can retain a lot of the thickness, hence the name.

How Much Do Planer Thicknessers Cost?
There is a very wide market, though you’ll probably find the cheapest planer thicknessers available for around £200 to £250. It may be worth paying more if you are going to be working extensively with wood, however. You can find some models for as much as £500. If this is your main trade, then this system is likely to be a solid investment for years to come.

Should I Just Buy a Planer?
Maybe not. A planer is likely to shave wood down, but you’re going to lose a lot of depth. A thicknesser is ideal for getting rid of tough bits in the wood without you having to sacrifice too much of it. People buy planer thicknessers so that they can easily switch between modes, and so that they can better refine their projects.

Do I Need a Planer Thicknesser with an LED?
Planer thicknessers with LEDs are great assets if you want greater accuracy in your woodwork. You can use LEDs and numerical values to ensure that you are shaping and shaving your wood to the extent you actually desire. Much woodworking is guesswork, which makes planer thicknessing all the more desirable to DIY enthusiasts.

There are plenty of tools out there which will help to enhance the look and feel of your woodwork. However, you must make sure you are investing in a system that’s going to work for you long term. Make sure to take a look at the planer thicknessers we list here, and to look carefully at what verified buyers have to say.

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