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Petrol Chainsaws: A Buyer’s Guide

For many people, a chainsaw is an essential piece of kit. Whether you are cutting up wood or are tackling some of the tougher bits and pieces in your garden, it makes sense to have a heavy-duty tool to hand which you can use to cut through the undergrowth. However, the actual chainsaw you invest in may well vary in terms of power, portability, size and weight. Therefore, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the wider market, and to consider what type is going to be best for you.
For many people, petrol chainsaws offer a lot of power, tons of flexibility, and durability that they can rely on for years to come. While the market may be saturated with the likes of cordless chainsaws which run on batteries, the petrol market is still very much a popular one. But why is this? Why should you look to buy a petrol chainsaw over any other type? Are there any drawbacks to you doing so?
In this buying guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about petrol chainsaws. From initial shopping around to finding the power and accessibility you require, it’s not always easy to find the ideal pick right away. Who would have thought that buying a chainsaw could be so complex? As always, we are here to help break everything down for you.
At the end of our guide, we have also rounded up some frequently asked questions buyers pose when shopping for petrol chainsaws. That way, you can take advantage of even more help and advice before you head out and put any money behind a petrol model!

Why Buy a Petrol Chainsaw?
Petrol chainsaws are seen as the behemoth of the technology. That’s generally thanks to the amount of power they offer, meaning that they can really fell a thick branch or two if you’re careful enough! At the same time, they offer plenty of flexibility. Rather than restricting yourself to nuisance cables and wires, you can instead take your chainsaw completely on the move. This means, for example, you can start to tackle more complex jobs. It also means that if you need to work at height, you can safely do so without needing to stretch your wire. There is, of course, zero danger of you ever severing a power cord, which as all power tool enthusiasts will know, is the ultimate sin.
Petrol chainsaws, much like other power types, come in a variety of lengths and modes. This means that some, for example, will be better for pruning, while others will be better for cutting up logs and firewood, for example. Case in point – a simple pruning chainsaw, petrol or otherwise, is never going to help you much if you need to work your way through some pretty thick oak logs!
Therefore, there are always a few things you need to keep in mind. Don’t always be swayed by price, but at the same time, don’t always be swayed by brand. Read up on what other petrol chainsaw users have to say, and consider which options are likely to suit your regular work the best. Otherwise, you could be sinking money into a tool that barely does the job for you.

Bear in Mind…
Petrol chainsaws can be useful, but they may not always be the best choice for the jobs you want to do. For example, running a petrol chainsaw can be quite expensive. While it is really convenient to go cord-free, you will pay the price for this by having to top up regularly. As we all know, the price of oil and petrol goes up and up – which means you’ll need to think carefully about your budget for your projects in the years to come. Is it really going to be the best investment for you?
What’s more, petrol chainsaws may be getting frowned upon with more people becoming eco-friendly. Petrol chainsaws will, naturally, create emissions during use. Therefore, some people may prefer to use simple cordless chainsaws for the fact that they do no harm to the world around us. That being said, electric chainsaws free from the cord don’t often come with the amount of sheer power you get from a petrol chainsaw.
Petrol chainsaws can also be a little on the heavy side, however, again, this is likely to be a reasonable trade-off in terms of power and strength for most people. It’s therefore a good idea to understand your own strength, as well as your cutting needs, before you dive too deep into the world of petrol chain sawing.

Things to Compare
While you will probably want to compare petrol and electric chainsaws first and foremost, there are some things which will separate all petrol models, too. This means even more comparing and contrasting on your part!
Here are the major points you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping around, and why they will matter to you in the long run.

Petrol Chainsaw Types
As mentioned briefly above, petrol chainsaws will split into even more types. For example, a pruning chainsaw, which is light and easy to move around with, is going to be your best choice for smaller or less intensive jobs. It’s also a one-handed option.
However, a multi-purpose chainsaw is likely to be your best choice if you are going to take on multiple different jobs. These chainsaws have guide lengths below 45cm, which means they should be good for everyday garden jobs. If you’re looking for a professional model, then you will probably do best investing in a full felling chainsaw with a longer guide, and with an intensive petrol engine.

Engine Power
As with anything that runs on petrol, there are going to be differences in the power of an engine you invest in. As you can imagine with chainsaws, the higher the power, the tougher and more versatile it is likely to be. For example, a professional felling chainsaw heading into 3000W plus is likely to saw down some seriously thick and troublesome wood.
You’ll need less engine power, of course, if you want to take on smaller jobs. Multi-purpose chainsaws will vary in terms of wattage, so again, don’t be afraid to shop around. There are plenty of variations in the market.

Chain Types
The chain, of course, is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw. Without it, you’d be cutting fresh air. Therefore, if you know which types of wood you are likely to work with, you can choose a chain that is most likely to handle cutting well. For example, a square chain profile will work well on hard woods, while a round profile will work best of soft woods. Anything else – on the whole – will fall in between.

Extra Bits and Pieces
Modern petrol chainsaws have more than just a cutting blade and a power button. For example, some models will let you toggle the speed that you cut at. Others, meanwhile, will differ in terms of safety features. It’s always worth looking out for a petrol chainsaw with a brake, as this will help you to retain steady control should you slip.

Tank Volume
Of course, you should always compare between tanks and their volume. The more petrol a chainsaw can take, the longer it is going to run for you. It’s basic maths! Therefore, make sure to look for a pretty hefty tank if you know you’re going to be cutting for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re new to petrol chainsaws, it’s time to start looking at what other buyers have to ask. Here are a few common queries we have rounded up for you to help you on your way.

What’s Better – a Petrol Chainsaw or an Electric Chainsaw?
Electric chainsaws are lighter and kinder on the environment. However, petrol chainsaws are often more powerful, more versatile, and many people find them easier to use. The choice, ultimately, is always going to be yours.

Should I Buy a Multi-Purpose Chainsaw or a Specialised Model?
That all depends on the work you intend to do. If you’re going to saw through plenty of garden shrubbery on a regular basis, then it’s probably best to go multi-purpose. If you need something tougher, you should consider a felling saw. Otherwise, a pruning saw will help you manage smaller cuts.

How Much Do Petrol Chainsaws Cost?
This can be a complex question! Upfront, petrol chainsaws are very affordable. However, given changes in the pricing of petrol and oil, running costs are going to vary. Depending on the size and type of petrol chainsaw you buy, you could be looking to pay as little as £60-£70. However, do be ready to invest more if you are looking for a durable, long-term ally.

It’s safe to say that petrol chainsaws really do get the job done. Though there are positives and negatives to using various types of chainsaw, petrol systems are always popular with professional fellers who are looking for a catch-all system which will cut through the thickest of woods. Read up on what users have to say, and don’t be afraid to shop around!

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