Master Sitemap

Here’s a list of all the main pages, articles and posts on my site. Sitemaps of links like this are a bit ‘old school’ these days, but I still find them really helpful to quickly jump into the page or content I know is there, but might not be able to navigate to quickly!

I would rather use these type of pages rather than a search function on the site, as I find the default search result setting are not always that accurate, and they can provide issues with lots of random and odd pages getting created and indexed. I also use an XML sitemap to submit all new content to the major search engines.

Hope you find it helpful! As the site grows, I may need to add further sitemap pages like this split down into categories, making navigation even easier and ensuring there are not too many links on each page.

Thanks for your support!

Neil Upton

Sub Sitemap Navigation-integrate these links into text above as contextual

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