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Mountain Bike Goggles: A Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you ride a bicycle, you are going to need some serious protection. It goes without saying that you should be wearing a helmet or headgear at all times while you are riding. However, you should also be ready to make sure to wear additional safety accessories if you are going on long rides, or if you are using equipment that is likely to cause your further potential harm. Cycling is great fun, and it’s one of the best ways to get in some really exhilarating exercise. However, there are more than a few hazards out there, which means it’s crucial that you go in prepared.
Mountain bike goggles have become a must-buy for anyone who is likely to go off-road and off-path. Goggles, naturally, protect your eyes against the elements as well as anything that’s likely to impact your eyes or vision should you have an accident. You may feel that it is enough to wear a helmet, but what if you’re riding full-pelt through muddy conditions? You are going to need to keep your vision clear, and your eyes free from any potential harm!
In this buying guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about mountain bike goggles, and why it is so important to ensure you wear them while on rough terrain or while you are on high-octane trails. Many people who cycle for racing will wear goggles simply because it offers them extra protection and care while on route. It also means they won’t have to worry too much about slowing down.
Is it your first time buying mountain bike goggles? Don’t worry. It might seem difficult to pick the best pairs, but we’re here to help narrow things down for you. Read on for the full lowdown.

Why Wear Mountain Bike Goggles?
Even if you’ve never so much as ridden a bike in your life, you may well have seen professional cyclists wearing goggles during races. There are plenty of good reasons for this. Not only do goggles give you fantastic protection against dust, dirt and mud that is likely to cause you harm on route, you also get tons of protection against the sun. When you’re racing in very hot or sunny conditions, your eyes are naturally going to be at risk. Not only do you risk vision impairment, but you also risk losing your way off the track completely. Of course, this is completely dangerous – you’re going to need to make sure you have complete control at all times.
Goggles are great for high velocity sport, where you are likely to be racing at high speed. They give you extra support should you crash or face any kind of impact. What’s more, they are surprisingly comfortable. Biking safety equipment is comfier nowadays than ever before, meaning that you really have no excuse to get yourself protected against the elements.

What You Should Look For
It’s only natural to assume that all mountain bike goggles are going to do the same thing, or that they are going to work to the same standards. This simply isn’t true! There are a whole host of factors you need to consider while shopping around for goggles for the first time. Lucky for you, this is where we can help. Here are the main factors you should compare and contrast while shopping around online – without question.

The quality of vision you get with a pair of goggles is, of course, going to be essential. You’re going to need to invest in goggles which give you clear, uninterrupted sight from all around. This means straight in front as well as to the sides. Some goggles may not offer you as much vision as you need, meaning that you need to be very careful when looking at specific designs.
You should, of course, also consider what seasoned cyclists and verified users have to say, too. Make sure to pick a pair which has good anti-glare technology built-in as standard, too. Many goggles will even let you remove fog and mist!
UV / Ultraviolet Protection
One of the biggest things you will need to protect your vision against on route is, of course, ultraviolet light, or UV rays. These can seriously harm your sight if you are fully exposed. Therefore, most mountain bike goggles will have UV protection built-in as standard. However, it will certainly do you no harm at all to shop around, and certainly to double-check.
It’s likely you will find pricier and more advanced goggles take on more rays and harmful light, such as UVA, meaning that if you are particularly sensitive to this kind of intrusion, you may wish to invest a little more money in your purchase.
Build and Manufacture
If you’re likely to be racing at high speeds, you’re going to need a pair of goggles that resist everything you throw at them. Not only should you look for goggles which are firm, robust and ready to withstand a variety of impacts, you should buy a pair which are safety-rated. The European standard is EN 1938, which is the safety marking you should see on all goggles sold in the EU. This also means your goggles are going to be shatterproof and resistant to flying debris and scratches.
Fit and Type
Comfort and fit are, naturally, going to be very important. These are goggles you will be wearing at top speeds! Therefore, always make sure to try on goggles, where possible, before you buy. If you can’t, at least take a look at what verified buyers and users have to say, as they should help to give you a little more confidence when you do come to put any money down.
You’ll find that there are different types of goggles which active people wear. Not all are going to be ideal for mountain biking, however, most will offer the same protection and support on the whole. You can buy goggles which fit over your glasses, which could cut down on the cost of having to buy specialist prescription goggles for when you ride. You can also wear MX goggles, which are designed for tough outdoor sports such as motocross. Ski goggles, in fact, may do the job for you, as they offer an incredible amount of vision across various terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re investing in mountain bike goggles for the first time, it’s important to ask the right questions, as well as to find the right answers! Here’s a quick look at what buyers are asking right now, as well as our answers to help you find the best fit.

Should All Mountain Bikers Wear Goggles?
While not all bikers will be riding at speed, it makes sense to stay protected. Therefore, we would normally advise strongly that you invest in goggles! It is much better to be safe than to be sorry, and biking accidents could result in life-threatening or life-changing injuries. It’s simply not worth the risk otherwise.

What are the Differences Between Mountain Bike Goggles and Ski Goggles?
Naturally, one pair is designed for biking, and the other for winter sports! However, you may find that ski goggles are a lot thicker and can also be a lot more protective. This is because accidents in the snow are rifer than those on dry terrain. However, there is nothing to say you can’t use ski goggles while cycling. Just don’t use biking goggles while skiing!

Do I Have to Buy Prescription Goggles?
No. While you can buy mountain bike goggles which have prescriptions built-in, these are bespoke and can cost you a lot more money than traditional eyewear. Therefore, it may be worthwhile you looking for over-the-glasses or OTG goggles. These will protect you as you would expect, however, the added benefits are that you get all the benefits of your prescription lenses. They won’t get in the way!

How Much Do Mountain Bike Goggles Cost?
Depending on the technology you need, and how protective you’d like your goggles to be, you shouldn’t expect to pay too much. However, do be prepared for the fact that there is a fairly wide market. At cheapest, you might expect to pay anywhere between £10 and £20, though in our collective opinion, it’s worth investing in goggles stretching £50 and upwards. It doesn’t always follow that you should pay more for better protection, however, we think your safety shouldn’t come with a price tag. We hope you agree!

Mountain bike goggles are becoming must-have safety accessories for all kinds of rides and races. If you want to make sure that your vision is clear and that your eyes are fully protected, make sure to invest in a robust and comfortable pair. You are going to need to keep your eyes clear of dirt and debris, and what’s more, you will need to make sure you can actually see where you’re going!
Take a look through our tips, and if you can, see what verified buyers have to say.

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