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Taking your little ones out and about means that you’re probably going to need to find something safe and simple to wheel them around in. Many people opt for proms or feature-heavy buggies, but it remains to be said that lightweight strollers are amongst some of the most popular. It’s not hard to understand why! Not only are these strollers easy to pack up and down, but the clue is also in their name – they’re extremely lightweight, and are therefore preferred by people who have to move around a lot.

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Lightweight Strollers: A Buying Guide For 2022

For holidays, long trips or even regular use, a lightweight stroller could make a big change to your strolling routine. However, as a stroller or buggy is only going to be an investment for a year or so – unless you have other children – it makes sense to try and find a system which will make for a great short-term investment.

In this guide, we will take a look at everything you need to know about buying lightweight strollers, such as budgeting, features, weight and more. Stick around, and we will answer a few frequently asked questions at the end, too.

Why Are Lightweight Strollers Useful?

While plenty of everyday strollers and buggies really do have their uses, there is a lot to be said for going lightweight. Lighter buggies and strollers still have plenty of features and functionality, just with the added benefit that they are amazingly portable.

If you take your children out and about a lot, the last thing you are going to need is a stroller which is heavy or bulky to have to carry and cart about.

A lightweight stroller is designed to be easy to pick up, set up and compact when not in use. They are fantastic for holidaying and regular trips, as well as travelling back and forth on public transport. One of the major plus points of these buggies is the fact that they are so easy to store, too.

A big problem many parents face with strollers and buggies is the ease of storage, particularly as some of the fancier models on the market can be bulky and awkward to put away.

Lightweight models generally weigh less than 7kg, though this will obviously vary depending on your own strength! Twin or multiple models are naturally going to weigh more, but this is the general bulk you should be looking at if you are strolling one small child around at a time. It’s worth bearing in mind!

Things to Consider

As always, there are going to be a few things to consider when it comes to buying a stroller. Not all systems and models are going to be unique! When buying a lightweight stroller, while weight and bulk are obviously going to be the main facets you are looking for, you should also be looking carefully at what’s right for your child.

Here are a few important bits and pieces to look for while comparing and contrasting, whether online or via the high street.

Direction of Face

As you may already know, some buggies face out, others face you. Some parents prefer their buggies and strollers to face them for security, while others prefer them to face outwards. Generally, you will find that most lightweight systems are outward-facing, though that doesn’t mean inward-facing models are impossible to find. It’s well worth taking a look online.

Safety Adjustments

Naturally, safety is going to be paramount when it comes to settling your child into a stroller. For that reason, you should be looking out for strollers with adjustable straps and features, ones which will safely secure your child into their seat, but which won’t hurt them as you move along. Some strollers will even have a sun hood built-in, which is a fantastic safety support if you are walking in bright weather.

Weather Cover

As mentioned, some lightweight strollers have sun hoods built-in, but what about rain hoods? These weather sheets will, naturally, keep your little ones from getting soggy in the drizzle. Not all buggies have them, mind, so be prepared to shop around.

Age For Use

This is a very important factor to bear in mind. Not all lightweight strollers are built for babies or newborns, which is why it is so important to check the age rating of a stroller before you buy.

Even better, you should consider checking what parents have to say about a stroller or buggy, as they will hopefully give you some indication as to what to expect. Video reviews, too, are always worth checking out online if you want to see buggies in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it your first time buying a lightweight stroller? Don’t worry. Here are a few common queries people ask while shopping around.

How Much Should I Pay for a Lightweight Stroller?

The amount you pay is obviously going to depend on the features you desire. At the cheapest end for well-built buggies, you are probably going to pay around £100-£150. However, for the better models in the market, be ready to clear £250-£300+.

How Long Will I Need a Stroller For?

This really will depend on the model you buy. Some strollers are suitable for newborns all the way up to three years old, for example. Always check the recommendations, as the longer the age gap, the better the investment is likely to be for you.

Why Do I Need a Lightweight Stroller?

Not everyone chooses lightweight buggies. However, they are the best choice if you are travelling around a lot, and if you are otherwise struggling for space.


Lightweight strollers are a real boon for parents everywhere. Why not take a look at some of the models available online and see what verified buyers have to say?

Choose a model which is likely to be a good investment for months and years to come. Otherwise, you may end up paying out for something you end up using only a handful of times!

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