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Inflatable Loungers: A Buyer’s Guide

When we’re out and about, it can be tricky to secure that certain level of comfort. Sure – it’s nice to find a bench or two, or a patch of grass or sand – but what if you could take your own lounger or sofa with you? A portable sofa may sound too good to be true, but inflatable loungers could actually make your dreams of superb summer comfort come true. In fact, you can use inflatable loungers all year round, whether you’re at the beach, in the garden, or somewhere completely different.
Inflatable loungers offer incredible ease of setup and instant comfort. Rather than putting your back out on a hard piece of ground, or having to tangle with a hammock, a lounger will let you set up a big, comfy cushion in minutes. They are also designed to be super-portable, meaning that if you know you’re going to need to laze around in multiple places, you won’t have too much cargo to carry with you.
If you’re new to the idea of an inflatable lounger, or if you’ve been looking for one for a while, you have come to the right place! We’ve set up a buying guide to help you break down all the important factors you need to compare and contrast while shopping around. While these loungers can be super affordable, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re getting a great deal.
At the end of the guide, we will also run through a few frequently asked questions – just to ensure you know what you’re getting into!

Why Buy an Inflatable Lounger?
You may think that inflatables are best kept in the pool. That’s simply not true! Fantastic inflatable loungers are great to use in a variety of settings. For example, you could take loungers for camping comfort, or you could even take them to the beach. Ultimately, the great outdoors, while pretty, isn’t always going to be comfy. Therefore, who would blame you if you brought your own cushion with you occasionally?
Inflatable loungers are designed to pack down and set up very easily. Therefore, they should always be easy to carry with you and to set up ad hoc. Rather than having to pack down and set up hammocks and camping beds, an inflatable lounger will be ready for you in a matter of minutes, requiring minimal fuss from you in the bargain.
However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are going to be factors that separate inflatable loungers from one another. There’s a reason why pricing and models differ!

Things to Keep in Mind
Therefore, let’s dive straight in and start thinking about variables that might affect your choice. Ultimately, you’re going to need to think carefully about what you are going to use an inflatable lounger for. Do you go away regularly? Do you need something comfy to lounge on at the pool, or when you go on regular camping trips? Once you know whether or not a lounger is going to be a worthwhile purchase, you’ll need to start looking at a few specifics.

Many loungers will differ in terms of how you fill them with air. You won’t necessarily have to blow into them yourself! Some models use foot pumps; however, most will actually inflate much quicker. Many inflatable loungers fill up simply with you opening their caps and wafting them around! However, you may actually prefer a lounger with a pump, as there is a chance that these will stay inflated for longer.
This is something that most lounger manufacturers will advise you of before you buy. Do you really want to buy a lounger that is likely to run out of air in just a couple of hours? Probably not. Look for a good trade-off in terms of inflation duration and speed of setup.

Size and Length
Of course – you also need to think about the size of the lounger you want! Do you want a lounger that will fit two or more people? Maybe you just want a lounger or sofa all to yourself! Why not? When looking around for inflatable loungers, do remember that the overall size isn’t always going to impact on how big it is to carry around.
However, many people make the mistake of accidentally buying loungers which are far too small. Therefore, you should consider looking at options which give you plenty of legroom and comfort. Where possible, over-measure – as at least then you know you won’t be getting anything too small!

Ease of Transport
Most inflatable loungers should be easy to pack down and carry around. However, be sure to take a look at elements such as pack down size and any additional carrying supports your lounger may come with. Even some of the biggest loungers when inflated pack down small. You should also look for loungers which deflate quickly when needed, not just inflate quickly when in demand. This means you should have less time to fuss around with packing up and heading off.
Ease of transport is very important if you’re likely to take your lounger to multiple places. It’s one of the big selling points of a lounger in the first place, so don’t risk everything on a model which is unwieldy or awkward!

Weight Capacity
Some inflatable loungers will easily accommodate two or three people of average weight. Others, meanwhile, will only fit one user, and some will only accommodate children. It may seem embarrassing, but accounting for weight balance and capacity is crucial. Otherwise, you could end up with a lounger that just doesn’t support you!
It’s important to remember never to overload a single lounger with multiple people. Keep an eye on the weight capacity before you buy, and you shouldn’t have too much difficulty.

Of course, you should also think about durability. Many people will use inflatable loungers near water – such as at the beach – and therefore, you need to consider waterproofing or weather protection.
However, if you are going to set up your lounger on different terrains, such as sand and grass, you should also look carefully at overall durability. The last thing you will need is an inflatable lounger than springs a leak as soon as you put it near anything remotely solid.
This isn’t something that’s always so easy to shop for. It’s worth looking into the material and manufacture of a lounger before buying, however. On the whole, this is where buyer reviews and opinions come in handy. Check out verified reviews and, where possible, take a look at video reviews, too. You may also benefit from taking a closer look and feel of a lounger in person before you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’ve never used or bought an inflatable lounger before, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the fuss is all about. However, thousands of people swear by them! Here are a few frequently asked questions shoppers pose while looking around for the best options.

What’s Better – Self-Inflating or Pump-Inflating?
Many people prefer self-inflating or wind inflating loungers as they are very quick and easy to set up. However, some prefer pump models simply because they offer greater longevity in cushioning. You may also find that pump loungers offer a little more rigidity once fully inflated. Therefore, on the whole, it’s a question of taste, as well as a question of comfort.

Do I Need a Warranty for My Lounger?
That all depends on how much you are likely to use it, and how much you invest in it! Warranties are fantastic help if you accidentally damage or break your lounger. While they should be easy to mend on the whole, many people find it easier to claim through warranties. Not all warranties will cover the same things, however, so do make sure to check your coverage before you buy.

How Much Do Inflatable Loungers Cost?
Inflatable loungers and sofas are generally very affordable. You can pick up a simple model for around £15 – £25. However, if you are looking for greater durability and added features, it’s probably better to spend a little more. If you’re serious about your comfort and accessibility while out and about, you may do best to put more money behind your investment.

Do Inflatable Loungers Come with Added Storage?
Some do, some don’t! You will likely find some inflatable loungers have pockets where you can store small items you’re likely to use while relaxing. However, for the luxury of these features, you are likely going to need to pay a bit extra. Therefore, make sure to compare and contrast between the more advanced models and cushions online. Once again, if you’re serious about comfort, put a little more money in your purchase!

Inflatable loungers are fantastic fun and super comfortable. Perfect for use outside, on the go or while holidaying, they are generally very quick and easy to set up. Why not take a look at some of the bigger and better models online?

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