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Home Slushie Makers: A Buyer’s Guide

Ice slushies have really skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. An iconic, icy drink that you can pick up at shops and cinemas alike, it’s safe to that the thirst for flavoured ice is really not going away anytime soon. So much so, in fact, that there has been a boom in home ice and syrup blenders in the past few years. Many people will recognise brands such as Slush Puppy, however, the technology has really opened up over the years, meaning that there are various different systems and manufacturers out there who are likely to offer you plenty of choice.
But what should you really be looking for from a home slushie maker or ice machine? It’s probably safe to imagine that all slushie machines do the same thing. However, they can really differ in terms of pricing, as well as in terms of the syrups and amount of ice they can carry. Therefore, it is always worth shopping around. Your own tastes for slushie, too, are obviously going to dictate which machines really appeal to you.
Therefore, do be prepared to think carefully about what works best for you. There’s plenty of choice out there – and in this guide, we are going to look at what you need to know before shopping around. Want to know what other people are looking for from their home slushie machines? No problem. At the end of the guide, we’ll run through a few frequently asked questions to help break things down even further for you.

Why Buy a Home Slushie Machine?
It’s safe to say that ice slushies are an acquired taste. However, they are likely to be very popular with kids and young people. They also arrive in a variety of flavours, and actually making the drinks is fairly simple. The vast majority of the drink is syrup and ice, and while that might not sound too healthy or too tasty, they make for an incredible occasional treat or two. If you can imagine a flavour, it’s likely that there is a slushie option available.
A slushie machine is likely to be a fantastic addition to any homes with sweet-toothed kids and adults alike. You can create all kinds of unique drinks and flavour sensations. You can buy syrups separately, or you can add in your own natural ingredients and juices. There’s nothing to stop you making slushies healthy and appetising.
You should also consider buying a slushie machine for cocktails and alcoholic drinks, too. Some of the best tipples are ice-based. What’s more, it’s a misconception that slushies are only fit for drinking in warm months. Great slushies can be enjoyed across autumn and winter, too. They are a superb investment if you’re looking for creative, colourful and tasty drinks to cool down with or to liven up a party.
Just use it sparingly – this is a buying guide for slushie makers, so we’re not about to get high and mighty about your health – but too many slushies a day could harm your teeth!

What To Look for in a Home Slushie Machine
It’s easy to think that all slushie machines do the same thing. Surely they just blend liquids with ice? Not always. Many machines use crushed ice, while some have ice chutes which can deliver coldness to your drinks with minimal effort. Above all, that’s what you’re looking for in the perfect slushie maker – something which is going to take the hassle out of crushing and blending the sweet drinks you know and love.
However, there are plenty of things you should compare between when it comes to home slushie makers. Here are just a few key factors and points to keep in mind when you start shopping around.

Ice Delivery and Capability
You’re going to need a slushie machine which is going to hold and deliver ice in large amounts. Some machines have dedicated ice chutes, which you can use to tip ice directly into your drinks, while others will crush and deposit ice into your drink so you don’t have to do it all yourself. These machines are, of course, built to blend and crush ice with ease, otherwise, you’d simply go out and buy a blender.
Slushie machines are built to create icy drinks. Therefore, you can generally depend on them to create some spectacular, chilly delights. However, the type of ice and amount of ice you can create will differ from system to system. Some will only let you hold ice, while others will actually refrigerate for you.

You should, of course, consider the capacity of the slushie maker you want to buy. You might not want or need a massive unit if you are likely to blend a lot of slush. However, buying a larger capacity machine will mean that you are able to create a lot of cold treats for a lot of people. This is also ideal if you are only likely to toy with one or two flavours. If you want to keep creating new blends and drinks, you’re going to need to keep washing out the unit. Therefore, it’s maybe better to look for a machine on the smaller side of things.

There are some slushie machines out there which will only work with specific syrups and juices. These should be reasonably easy to spot. However, if you’re likely to blend a large variety of drinks, you should consider looking for something beyond a ‘slushie’ maker. There are plenty of blender systems out there which are built for cocktails, for example. Default slushie makers aren’t always going to bring out the best in cocktail flavours, meaning you should look for a system that’s good enough for just about everything.

Where Are You Using It?
Of course, we’re focusing on home slushie machines in this guide. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you will still be able to buy commercial machines from online stores and outlets such as Amazon. Therefore, do always make sure to check the type of machine you’re buying. Commercial systems are likely to be bigger and will be more expensive, on the whole. However, they may actually offer more capability if you’re looking for a very specific type of drink.
However, we’d generally advise you invest in home slushie makers if you’re not going to be making money off it. These systems are cheaper, neater, and are likely to fit better into your kitchen. Therefore, make sure to look carefully at commercial or home use standards before you go any further.

Ease of Cleaning
This is something that some people seem to forget about when it comes to buying the perfect slushie machine, or even when it comes to buying the best blenders! The worst systems are an absolute nightmare to clean. Choose a slushie maker that has detachable parts, for example, and those which you can put through a dishwasher. If this doesn’t bother you, there is no need to worry. However, it’s a feature or factor that can get swept behind in some of the flashier bits and pieces you’ll see sold upfront in the marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s time to start looking into what shoppers have to say and want to ask before buying online. Who knows – some of the queries below might help you narrow down the field a little!

Are Slushies Bad For You?
That all depends on what you put in them, and how often you drink them! Low sugar slushies are likely to give you a bad stomach over time. Drinking too many full-sugar slushies a day is hardly a healthy option, either. It’s all about moderation, which really applies to just about everything you might consider ‘bad for you’ in one way or another. You can use healthy ingredients, too, as ultimately it’s you that chooses what goes in with the ice!

How Much Does a Slushie Maker Cost?
The price of a home slushie maker doesn’t tend to vary all that much, meaning you really are looking at around £40 to £50 for a leading make and a reasonable model. However, there’s nothing to say you can’t find a bargain. Just make sure you read up on what verified buyers have to say in the meantime. They will help you sort the genuinely great value systems from those which are poor imitations of the best units.

Can You Make a Slushie Without a Slushie Maker?
You can, but you run the risk of making a drink that’s a poor imitation of what you’d get in shops and cinemas. Therefore, for the full effect, many people invest in actual slushie machines to make the most of crushed ice and a variety of different syrups.

Home slushie makers are fantastic fun, and are a great way to bring cool, refreshing drinks into your kitchen. Why not take a look at some of the leading brands online, and see what verified buyers have to say? There’s plenty to pick from.

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