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While many people hold gym memberships, paying a monthly or quarterly fee can sometimes be a bit of a bind. What’s more, some people prefer to work out and exercise in a private or secluded space. In any case, there are plenty of great reasons why multi-gyms remain so popular with the wider public.

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Home Multi-Gyms: A Buyer’s Guide

A great multi-gym should offer you everything you need from your local gym or sports centre, meaning that it should come fitted with a fair amount of kit! This, of course, means that it can be quite the investment, both in terms of space as well as money. How do you know that you’re getting the best value for money from a multi-gym? What should you be looking out for from the best deals?

In this quick buying guide, we’ll take a look at what makes a multi-gym worth buying, how much you should ideally be paying, and whether or not it’s actually worth you paying out for a system in the first place! At the end of the guide, we’ll also consider a few frequently asked questions to help you on your buying journey.

Why Should I Buy a Multi-Gym?

A multi-gym is a fantastic asset to anyone who is serious about working out. The whole point of a multi-gym is to provide you with access to a series of exercises that you’d otherwise have to travel to your local gym for. If you’d rather not pay out for a membership, or if you prefer to work out at home, a multi-gym system may be just what you’re looking for.

A multi-gym is designed to be as compact as possible. It’s likely you have already seen some models and units set up at your local gym. They offer workouts for most parts of the body, which means all you may need is a treadmill to complete your gym set for your own space.

What Should a Multi-Gym Include?

Generally, the more that a multi-gym does, the more attractive it should be to purchase. However, you do also have to consider that just because a gym unit offers lots of exercises, that doesn’t mean it always does them well. Do make sure you read user reviews from verified buyers. You should also take a look at multi-gyms in action through videos online. You’ll likely find most brands reviewed independently through YouTube.

A good multi-gym should offer you exercises for your chest, your shoulders, your biceps, your triceps and your legs. This is at the very least. Some units may offer more, others less. This, too, is generally where the price will differ. You should also look for units which carry a fair amount of weight, at least if you want to mix your exercises and resistance training up a little.

Most multi-gyms should offer resistance anywhere up to 35kg, though some of the more advanced or expensive models on the market triple this. Again, your needs and tastes may vary here. However, do make sure you shop for a multi-gym that offers capability and durability, not just variety.

Other Things to Consider

Setting up a multi-gym at home is a big event. Therefore, do make sure to consider the following points before you go ahead and buy.

Think About Space

Multi-gyms are built to be compact, but they still need a lot of room. Not just for installation, but for your safety during use, too. Make sure you’ve clearly planned out where you want to install your gym, and that you have enough room to use it without injuring yourself.

Think About Weight

Naturally, depending on the weight levels of the multi-gym you choose, you’re going to be handling a very bulky item. This is going to need to be something you consider. Especially given the fact that you won’t be able to move it without some serious help if you don’t like where you’ve placed it!

Think About Skill Level

If you’re new to weights and gym equipment in general, do be careful to find a multi-gym that’s aimed at beginners or more casual users. Some systems can be quite complex to get used to, and are naturally recommended for regular gym-goers. Be smart about the unit you choose!

Think About Assistance

It’s never wise to try and install a multi-gym on your own. Make sure you have one or two people to hand who can help you set it up for the first time. There is no point injuring yourself before you get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s your first time buying a multi-gym or similar, it makes sense that there will be a few questions you’d like to ask. Here are just a few common queries first-time buyers ask.

How Much Should I Pay for a Multi-Gym?

This all depends on the features you need, the brand you are buying from, and the amount of weight you require. All can seriously impact on price. The most expensive multi-gyms price up into the thousands, though you can find smaller models for less – starting at around £300, maybe even cheaper. However, don’t forget that a cheap model won’t necessarily give you the support and build quality you’re looking for.

Do I Need a Multi-Gym?

It’s worth investing in a multi-gym if you can’t get to a local fitness centre, or if you prefer not to. However, do weigh up the costs. If you stand to pay more on a membership for the year than you would on a multi-gym in the same period, it’s definitely a wise investment.

Is It Worth Buying a Multi-Gym?

Yes – providing you are going to use it regularly! Many fitness enthusiasts swear by these units, meaning you already have a seal of approval from plenty of avid exercise lovers. Do read up on what verified buyers have to say.


A multi-gym can be a great asset to any home. Consider your needs, and how much value it could bring to your life – before investing. Otherwise, it might be a lot of money to shell out upfront!

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