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Gymnastic Bars for Home: A Buyer’s Guide

The human body is an amazing, supple machine! Therefore, many kids and adults alike make sure to let off steam by taking on a bit of gymnastics every now and again. Particularly useful for gymnasts and acrobats in training, gymnastics bars for home can really help you practice some of those more complex moves. Most gym bars are aimed at the younger demographic, as they will otherwise not have many places they can practice outside of their local sports hall!
It might seem as though buying gymnastic bars for home is going to result in expensive, clunky pieces of kit. This really isn’t the case! If anything, home bars are getting more diverse. They are easier to set up and pack away than ever before. In many cases, you’ll be able to set them up in living rooms, home gyms, and even the garden for temporary practice.
Gymnastics is an incredibly precise activity. It’s going to require impeccable balance and poise. What’s more, it’s going to be difficult for any kids heading into gym class without practice from week to week. Therefore, home gymnastic bars have become an essential piece of kit to invest in for many homes and families. But what should you be looking for in the perfect gymnastic bars for home?
In this buying guide, we will consider all of the basics and all of the intricate touches that separate different models and products on the market. This way, you can be better prepared when it comes to actually choosing the best system, and when it comes to finding the best fit for your family. At the end of the guide, we will also take a look through a few commonly asked questions and consider what else you need to look for.

Why Buy Gymnastic Bars for Home?
Of course, the main reason to buy this equipment is that you have a child or children who are taking part in gymnastics! The fact is, your kids are going to need to put in a fair amount of practice if they want to really excel in the activity. That being said, you should be looking for bars which they can get to grips with slowly. Many kids get better at the sports and activities they love when they are given plenty of time and space to adjust, and to learn through practice. With a set of gymnastic bars for your home, your kids will be able to take to the bars in their own time.
Of course, you should only invest in gymnastic bars for home which are easy to install, and which are safe for kids who are likely to use them. In this guide, we are going to consider all of the main points which apply to hunting down a safe set of bars that your kids can use with minimal supervision. Of course, in the interests of health and safety, we always recommend adult supervision when kids use these bars.
You might also wish to invest in home gymnastic bars if there are no other clear or easy ways for your kids to train. It might not always be easy for you to get to the local sports hall or gym. What’s more, practising at home is often much cheaper! There’s no need for you to have to shell money out for fuel or transport. What’s more, many kids will likely feel more comfortable practising and improving in gymnastics in the comfort of their own home. This way, they can really hone their craft before they face any of their fellow gymnasts the next week over!

There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in gymnastic bars. However, you should always allow for the opinion of your child. As they are going to be using the kit, they need to have a say! What are they looking for when it comes to practising gymnastics? It may be worth looking through options with your child if they are old enough to make such opinions confidently!

What You Should Look Out For
Of course, different gymnastic bars are going to work well for different people and different children. Much of the aspects you should be comparing and contrasting in these systems will relate to health and safety. However, there are also a few aspects which you may not have already thought of looking for otherwise – and that’s where we’re here to help. Here are a few things you should certainly be looking for when buying gymnastic bars for home use.

The structure and base of your home gym bars are going to be crucial. It’s likely that most well-priced home gymnastic bars will be sturdy enough for use each day. However, you must pay attention to what other people have to say, too. Take a look at photos of the product in question. What are the base and structure made of? You should be looking carefully and weld and build quality.
You should also consider the size and scope of the base itself. The wider the base, generally, the safer your bars and unit are likely to be. However, you can find systems which will allow you to adjust size as you go along. These may be the best option if you’re really not sure what you should be looking for.

Size and Height
You shouldn’t just be thinking about size and height for the sake of space in your home. You should be considering this with regard to your child’s safety and with regard to their accessibility. Smaller bars and units, of course, are going to work best for younger children. You can find bars which are adaptable, however, which means if your kids are likely to grow into the activity, it’s worth finding a system that will change and grow with them.
Height is a big factor. As all parents know, kids happen to grow at extraordinary rates! Therefore, an adjustable or adaptable bar is likely to be your best choice. However, if not, make sure to look for bars which are big enough for your kids to comfortably reach and use!

Strength and Durability
Of course, you’re going to need your gymnastics bars to be tough, strong and resilient. This should especially be the case if your kids are going to use them a lot! It’s also a factor of safety, again. You will be able to find bars that have recommended weight limits. Therefore, make sure you always buy bars which will take your children’s weights.
Generally, the bigger the gap there is between child weight and bar strength, the more they will be able to do with them. Therefore, it’s well worth looking out for these factors as a priority. Once again, it’s all about safety. The material used in the main bar, too, should be strong enough for various purposes. You’ll generally find that wood, for example, is resilient and strong for all kinds of uses.

Accessories and Setup
You should be looking for gymnastic bars which are easy to set up and adapt. What’s more, you should also be looking for a mat. You must always set up gymnastic bars or any kind of acrobatic equipment with a safety mat or two underneath. It’s that safety issue again! You won’t always be able to buy mats with bars in a bundle, but for ease of setup and to make sure you have the right size, it’s always worth considering buying a package.
Otherwise, be shrewd when looking for package deals. Some gym bars and equipment will come with various bits and pieces. If you’re getting a package at a low cost, it’s not always a guarantee that you are getting the best quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s not always easy to hunt down the perfect home gymnastic bars if you’re just getting started. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few frequently asked queries to help you on your way.

How Tall Should a Gymnastics Bar Be?
This can vary, but you will generally find a safe height to be around 5 feet. This can vary in terms of your child, of course, and with bars for kids generally being shorter, it’s worth keeping an open mind. You will likely be able to find plenty of bars that are adjustable.

How Much Do Home Gymnastics Bars Cost?
This can really vary. You may be looking at £50 to £60 at the cheapest, however, do be willing to invest more money for access to the best quality gear. Be prepared to invest more than £100, for example, in adjustable bars.

Are Home Gymnastic Bars Really Worth It?
For many people, absolutely! There may not be an easy or simple way for you to train or for your kids to train outside of a local centre. Therefore, setting up at home might be convenient, quick and even cheaper for you in the long run.

It’s getting easier for gymnasts of all ages to train from home. If you take a look online, you might find that there are plenty of great bars and tools you and your kids can use to really hone their craft. Take a look at what other users and buyers have to say, too!

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