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Garden Awnings: A Buyer’s Guide

We all like sitting out in the sun sometimes, and while it’s good to top up the tan and to take in some fresh air, we still need to protect ourselves from harmful rays. Sunglasses and UV sun cream can do a lot! However, for maximum comfort at home on your patio, really cannot do better than to install your own garden awning. An awning is a structure which extends out to give you excellent shade while relaxing, meaning that you can get the best of the weather without having to strain yourself to see your favourite book, or indeed anyone you’re socializing with!

However, it can be tricky to buy the right garden awning. They come in more different sizes, styles and colours than you think! When it comes to buying a garden awning outright, you are going to need to think about practicality, safety, aesthetics, budget and more. There are a lot of things to juggle! However, you shouldn’t ever rush your buying decisions, as otherwise you could be left with a chunky piece of awning that simply doesn’t do the job you expect it to.

That’s why we’ve set up this buying guide. As always, we are here as your resident experts on everything home, garden and more. If you’re in the process of getting your patio kitted out, or if you simply want to know more about the benefits of using a garden awning full stop, please make sure to read on for full details. Don’t go buying one until you’ve read the full lowdown! Stick around for frequently asked questions at the end of our guide, too.

Why Buy a Garden Awning?
To many people, the best reasons for buying a garden awning should be obvious. They will give you incredible shade and protection from the sun in hot weather, and what’s more, they should also be able to protect your patio and lawns from weather, to an extent. However, this is likely to differ from model to model, as you will find out.
Garden awnings are now more affordable and easier to set up than ever before. They were perhaps once seen as something of a home and garden luxury; however, the fact is that they are actually more beneficial than traditional parasols and sunshades in many cases. They will save you from having to wear hats and glasses outside constantly, and the best part is, you should be able to just roll them out whenever you need them. Beyond this, they come in an array of different colours and materials, meaning that you can really style your home and patio your way.

Types of Awning
It’s worth looking at the different types of garden awning available before you consider putting any money down. The most popular type of awning you will find is for the patio, which means that it is fixed to the wall for easy roll-out.
However, bigger properties and patios may also benefit from free-standing awnings, which can be great if you don’t want to fix anything directly to your walls. These units are very large and are probably best for wider patios and spaces. For the best of both worlds, you could opt for a veranda option, which has a frame that’s firmly rooted, but an awning cover that pulls back.
The right awning type for you is, obviously, going to depend on the dimensions you are working with, as well as what you actually want a garden awning for. You should always make sure to measure for an awning carefully, as they can be difficult to adjust if you get measurements slightly wrong. It’s always better to be exact, or as precise as possible, than to go out on a whim and guess.

You should also think about how you want to control your awning. Many awnings for the garden come with remote controls, which means you can simply pull out and then push back your cover with the simple press of a button or two. Many people choose a fully motorized functionality, which means that awnings are made more autonomous. You can use motor systems with remote control, but you should also be able to control it through a central switch.
You can even fix up an awning that reacts to the sun! If your patio reaches a certain brightness, sun sensors will react and will start to bring your awning out. This means you will never have to judge when you need to bring cover out to protect yourself. It’s a fantastic piece of kit, but it may well cost you a fair amount of money in the bargain! Be sure to shop around.

Other Things to Consider
Surprisingly, there are more than a few things you must consider when buying a garden awning! However, our last few points before we head onto the frequently asked questions will be about the material used.
You are going to want a garden awning that looks the part. Thankfully, awnings come in an array of wonderful designs and patterns, which means it’s never been easier for you to show off your personality on the patio. However, designs will differ from type to type. Therefore, make sure to find a balance between functionality and look. As a garden awning is going to be a firm fixture on your patio, you will need to make sure you go for a design or look that you know you’ll be happy to live with.
You should also think carefully about the material you buy. You are going to need material that, ultimately, is waterproof. It may sound bizarre to look for a sun awning that’s going to deflect the rain! However, think about how erratic the British summers can be! The last thing you will need is for your awning to start seeping rainwater onto you as soon as a freak shower hits. Therefore, look for something resistant and sturdy. This also applies when it comes to looking for something that’s unlikely to tear or get damaged by anything external.

Frequently Asked Questions
If it’s your first time buying a garden awning, we really don’t blame you if you have a few questions to ask! Here are some of the most common queries buyers are asking, along with our firmest answers.

What is an Awning Cassette?
An awning cassette is part of the overall functionality in the awning design. The cassette dictates what gets retracted into the system, and what gets rolled out. A full cassette, for example, lets you store everything away to protect the awning from rain and other weather when not in use. However, you may also consider semi-cassette options, which lets you close off your awning a little so that the underparts stay open. However, you will still be able to protect your awning from weather. These options are worth bearing in mind if you’re worried about keeping your awning protected.

Is It Worth Buying a Retractable Awning?
A retractable awning is a great investment if you are likely to head onto the patio for some sun on a frequent basis. However, you may benefit more from free-standing units and other awning systems if you feel you’re not going to put them to too much use. Do remember that a fully retractable awning is going to be a serious investment, meaning you must be sure about what you are getting into before you put any money down! Luckily, awnings are more affordable now than they have ever been.

How Much Do Garden Awnings Cost?
A simple garden awning at the most basic functionality is probably likely to cost you between £80 to £100, though anything more specific or advanced will likely cost you upwards of £100, maybe heading into the multiple hundreds. It will depend on the functions you need, as well as where you intend to buy your awning from!

Where Should I Buy My Awning From?
It shouldn’t really matter where you buy your awning from, though you must make sure that the dealer or shop you purchase via is trustworthy and offers a good range! Many people choose to buy online, which is quick and convenient. Otherwise, you may wish to buy directly from an awning specialist, who may offer you additional functions, coatings and more. The choice, of course, is yours – but don’t forget to balance functionality with style.

When it comes to keeping out of the sun, a garden awning is a great way to stay protected while keeping your patio looking great. Thankfully, there is more choice now than ever before, meaning that depending on your needs, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the ideal look, fit and function.
Buying the perfect garden awning can take time, especially as you have to be so careful with measurements! However, providing you set yourself a fair budget, and know what you’re looking for, you hopefully shouldn’t find the process too stressful!

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