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Festival Trolleys and Folding Wagons: A Buyer’s Guide

The camping life is a lot of fun. In fact, thanks to modern innovation, it’s never been easier to take your life on the go for a few days or weeks at a time! However, wearing everything on your back and shoulders is sure to offer you a fair amount of strain as time goes by. That’s why, in many cases, people invest in festival trolleys, or folding wagons. These may sound big, bulky and maybe even awkward from their names alone – but actually, they are lightweight, collapsible, and will give you a bit more support when you need to move plenty of items from place to place.
Anyone likely to be camping with family or friends, or who maybe heading to a festival or concert in the near future, will likely benefit from a trolley or wagon of sorts. Therefore, if you know you are likely to have a lot of bulky goods on your plate, it might be worth taking a load off your back and putting it all on wheels instead. And why not?
However, it might not occur to many people right away how beneficial a festival trolley can be. It might not even be something many people are aware of! However, camping innovations are getting more and more useful, meaning that there should be little to no reason why you should lug everything around on your back.
In this buying guide, we will take a close look at what you can expect from folding wagons and festival trolleys. We’ll also consider a few frequently asked questions at the end of our guide, too, to help you gain insight into what fellow shoppers are looking for.

Why Buy a Festival Trolley or Folding Wagon?
You’ll likely find a festival trolley useful if you regularly haul plenty of items, or simply heavy or large goods, from place to place regularly. Think about how often you are likely to go on camping holidays, or as the name suggests, take to outdoor festivals. These occasions where you are likely to need to carry plenty of food and drink around mean that you will likely need a form of mobile support.
A festival trolley is not only going to help with ad hoc goods, but also your camping essentials and baggage. Think about how much walking around you are likely to do while exploring the great outdoors. If you are travelling to more than just one site, and if you are likely to be exploring multiple wild or outdoor areas, then it makes sense to have a trolley or system in place where you can carry your essential bits and pieces.
As mentioned, bags and rucksack can do a lot. However, depending on how much you have to haul at any one time, it may actually work out easier, and less painful, to cart it all behind you. Most festival trolleys and folding wagons will take an impressive amount of weight and volume. However, you should also keep your own pulling strength in mind!
Therefore, a festival wagon is going to be a great support if you need to regularly haul big items around from place to place. That being said, there are likely to be a few things you should keep in mind before you buy.

Things to Consider Before You Buy
Before you go ahead and buy any old festival wagon outright, you should make sure to think carefully about your needs, as well as what is out there for you to choose from. No one wagon is likely to fit all needs. Therefore, we’re here to help break things down for you.

Comfort and Strength Allowance
While a festival trolley is going to take plenty of strain off your shoulders and back, you should consider how comfortable it is going to be to pull behind you. You are still going to use muscle groups to pull your bulky items along with you!
Therefore, consider buying a trolley or wagon with comfortable grips and plenty of strength both in the main chassis and in the handle and arm. This isn’t always easy for you to spot through online marketing alone, so make sure to read up on what verified buyers have to say. If you can ‘try before you buy’ in a physical high street store, this is all for the better, too.

Weight Bearing and Capacity
Of course, weight bearing and volume are obviously going to be key factors in your purchase. Most wagons are likely to hold up to 100kg in baggage. However, if you know that you are going to vary your loads, it might not be the cheapest or most cost-effective plan to opt for the biggest or bulkiest wagon on the market. Therefore, do make sure to consider how much you are likely to load your wagon with, and how often you are likely to use it. This should give you a good idea of which trolleys are likely to be most useful to you in the long run.

Security and Stability
Of course, security is key. You are not always going to have eyes on your baggage or items as you move along. Therefore, make sure to look for a trolley or wagon which has some form of elasticated strapping. You can use this to tie your items into your wagon without fear of them moving around too much, or without fear of them getting stolen.
You should also look for wagons and trolleys with sturdy wheels. If you buy a wagon system with wheels that are likely to wobble and falter, you are going to be at risk of losing sensitive items as you move along. Again, it’s not that easy to spot this through online marketing alone. Read what other buyers have to say, and if you can, try before you buy.

Types of Festival Trolley
There are also multiple types of festival trolley out there. For example, you can buy trolleys with four wheels rather than two, which will work well for larger loads and demands, and if you want to take your trolley with you across rough or uneven natural terrain.
You might also want to consider those trolleys best for luggage. These trolleys tend to hold lighter loads, but also tend to be more compact. Therefore, if you are likely to be travelling long distances, rather than just moving from one end of a campsite to another, this might be a good option.
Of course, trolleys and wagons will vary in terms of portability and collapsibility. Therefore, do make sure to check out the folding mechanisms on a trolley before you buy. Most should fold down to some extent, as they are generally built for ease of storage and use on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s time to take a quick look at what people have to say regarding festival trolleys before buying. You may even find a few useful answers here before you go ahead and make a purchase!

How Much Weight Can Festival Trolleys Hold?
This can really vary. Those trolleys built for luggage more than festival or camping goods may hold less weight than off-road systems. It’s likely you will find trolleys that can bear up to 100kg, on average, but you can find systems which carry half of this, maximum. You may end up paying more for bulkier, sturdier trolleys, so be sure to consider your needs carefully. You might even find a system that can easily bear up to 400kg.

Who is Likely to Use a Festival Trolley?
That all depends on where they are likely to be used. Many people who struggle to carry heavy, bulky loads will likely benefit from the extra support. Beyond this, they are great for carrying multiple items, such as shopping. A great trolley or wagon might therefore be worth buying if, for example, you have a lot of shopping you want to take back to a campsite.
You might also use a festival trolley or wagon if you are travelling across a fair distance in the wild or outdoors. It’s a good way for you to effectively take your life with you without losing track.

How Much Do Festival Trolleys and Wagons Cost?
You will find a durable and reliable festival trolley or wagon for around £50 to £60. We’d collectively advise you avoid paying less for this, simply because you are going to need plenty of support and durability on the go. In our experience, with wagons and trolleys, the more you pay, the better the equipment you receive. Therefore, be prepared to put a little money aside.

Investing in a festival trolley or folding wagon is a great idea if you go camping a lot. It’s also an ideal investment opportunity if you are likely to struggle or strain yourself with plenty of items or bulky baggage. Take a look through our picks and advice, and make sure to read what people have to say in the meantime!

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