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Electric Golf Trolleys: A Buyer’s Guide

Those who have never played golf before may not know how many accessories actually help to make up the perfect game! Not only is there specific golfing wear available, you’ll also need to keep hold of tees, range calculators, bags and more. It’s a sport which may seem simple on the surface, but deep down, it is infinitely customizable. It’s also a sport where, after a while, fatigue can set in! Yes – while golf may not be high octane, it certainly does wear on the old legs if you’re traipsing from hole to hole.
Therefore, it makes sense to have a few accessories with you that can help to make life easier. What about a golf trolley? Rather than having to haul all your clubs and accessories around with you, it surely makes sense to pull your equipment along on wheels. This is all well and good – but what happens when you ramp it up a gear, by adding in a motor?
Electric golf trolleys are more than just golfing gimmicks. They provide a lot of useful support to plenty of people! However, choosing the right electric golf trolley isn’t always simple. There are many different systems and models out there, which of course means that there is always going to be some variance in what you buy. But what should you look out for?
In this buying guide, we will introduce you to electric golf trolleys, and will help you consider all the elements and features of a great system. Before you start putting any money behind an electric trolley of your own, do make sure to read through our frequently asked questions at the end of the guide, too.

Why Buy an Electric Golf Trolley?
Electric golf trolleys can be a real boon when you have to lug heavy equipment around. Think about all the clubs you might need on any given course! The more woods and irons you add, the heavier your bag or trolley is going to be. Even if you pull a wheeled trolley behind you, you’re still going to feel the strain after a day’s play.
What’s more, not everyone has the luxury of a caddy! Therefore, a golf trolley – especially an electric model – will be a fantastic asset to anyone who regularly plays on the links solo. Even if you play in groups, it’s a good idea to invest in bags and trolleys that can keep your hands free.
Think about all the various gadgets and accessories you need when playing a round of golf. You’re going to need to handle scoring cards, tees, golf balls and more. If you’re serious about your golf, you may even have a few pieces of technology you need to carry around with you. For example, you’re hardly going to have hands free to muddle around with clubs if you’re fussing with a swing monitor!
Above all, electric golf trolleys take strain off you when you play golf on big courses. Imagine a course full of par 5s – that’s a lot of distance to cover, especially when you have a full kit to take with you.

Things to Keep in Mind
You may think that one electric golf trolley is likely to do everything you need. However, this isn’t always the case. Take time to look at a variety of options and brands. After all, there must be something that separates models and trolleys in terms of cost! Here are the main factors you should look at when shopping for an electric golf trolley.

Battery Power
Electric golf trolleys will, on the whole, run via battery. This means that you’re going to need to look for a system which will last long plays, at least if that’s what you’re likely to undertake. Electric trolleys should be chargeable, however, one thing you can look out for is a trolley that’s easy to use manually when your battery runs down.
If you’re caught mid-course on hole 12 and your trolley’s battery runs dead, you’re going to need to take over the reins. What use is a trolley that won’t budge once you’ve run clean of power?

Capacity and Storage
When buying an electric golf trolley, it’s tempting to look solely at the technological aspects. However, you’re also going to need to ensure you have plenty of storage capacity. Think about how much your clubs and all your extra gear weighs altogether. Is an electric golf trolley likely to carry everything for you autonomously?
This is something crucial you should always plan for. It’s very easy to spot capacity and storage on most trolleys, however, for added support, you should always look to see what seasoned golfers have to say. They may help you put things in a little better perspective. For example, they might tell you that a trolley is good for holding a few woods and irons, but little more than a handful.
You can also find trolleys which have separate pockets and sections for your various accessories and golfing add-ons. Therefore, if you really go all-out on the course, you’re going to need an electric trolley which helps you keep everything in place. It just stands to reason. There’s no need to throw everything into a muddle.

Terrain Capability
Of course, a key component of all electric golf trolleys is the terrain capability. How sturdy are the wheels? What are the tyre treads like? If you’re unlikely to head across coarse terrain too often, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, this is a key factor in durability. Electric golf trolleys are serious investments! There’s no point in buying a trolley that won’t go where you need it to!

Other Facilities
You can now even send your trolleys further down a course, call them back, and can even make use of on-board GPS to plan your routes. If you’re likely to need all the gadgets under the sun on your trips, then you’ll likely be happy to hear that many trolleys come equipped with some serious technological aids. After all, they are systems built to make your games that little bit easier!
However, do also be aware that the more advanced the technology is, the more money you are likely going to invest. Electric trolleys are already fairly costly – so do make sure you carefully consider what you actually need, and only add on a few gadgets if you can really afford them.

Yes – you also need to think about storability and ease of transport. Some trolleys will compact down into small sizes. Others will even split apart into different modules! This can be a real boon for anyone with limited boot space in their cars. It’ll also be helpful for anyone who struggles to find space at home for their golfing equipment. A good electric golf trolley should be easy to take apart, put back together, compact down and bring back up. Simple!

Frequently Asked Questions
Whether you’re an ace on the links or are just getting your handicap started, an electric golf trolley is a big purchase. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising you will have plenty of questions to ask! Here are some of the more common queries shoppers ask while looking around online.

Why Should I Buy an Electric Golf Trolley?
Not everyone will make use of a trolley with an electric motor. However, you never really know how useful one might be until you try it! Consider your own golfing methods and how fatigued you might get on the course. Are you likely to benefit from someone pushing a trolley for you? Short of having a personal caddy, an electric trolley might make all the difference.

How Much Do Electric Golf Trolleys Cost?
This is where things can get a little bit tense for some golfers. A good trolley may generally cost around £1,000 or more. Lesser models and cheaper systems are unlikely to serve you well in time to come. Therefore, as we always say, if you want to make an investment at all, it might be worth you paying a little extra.

Can I Use an Electric Trolley on Any Course?
Yes! However, you will need to double check the specs of any trolley you buy. Some do not fare well on rugged terrain. Others, meanwhile, are perfect for traversing the fairway or the green. You’re going to need something with plenty of grip, as well as plenty of durability.

Golf is, of course, an activity which is meant to be relaxing. Therefore, why should you spend most of the time straining yourself with heavy bags? Some people may see electric golf trolleys as something of a luxury. However, they actually help many people get from one area of a course to the next, especially those with plenty of clubs and accessories.
If you already have a golf trolley and are thinking about an upgrade, why not take a look online and see what’s available? Take our points in this guide on board and see what other buyers have to say.

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