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Electric Cool Boxes – A Buyer’s Guide

Electric cool boxes have become a huge part of the camping scene. While traditional cool boxes can help to keep drinks and chilled items fresh for longer than you would expect if you carried them around in a generic rucksack or bag, electric boxes go that one step further. These systems can actively help to keep the chilliest of items chillier for longer than ever. However, knowing which cool boxes to buy is a challenge that many people face when shopping around. With that in mind, you also need to consider your own needs. Do you actually need a cool box? How could an electric box help you when you’re travelling or camping?
You should also think about budget, portability and volume. If you’ve decided that an electric cool box is going to be the best option for your holidaying needs, it’s time to look carefully at some of the wider options on the market. There are plenty of brands and models out there, which means narrowing things down isn’t always going to be easy. That’s why we’ve made an effort to put a buyer’s guide together which really helps to narrow down your choices.
In this guide, we will consider everything you need to know about electric cool boxes. We will also consider pricing and all the features you may wish to invest in. Ultimately, we’re here to answer your questions. In fact, at the end of this guide, we will take a look at some of the most commonly asked queries which pop up during shopping for cool boxes. Let’s get started.

Why Buy an Electric Cool Box?
Electric cool boxes are quickly overtaking traditional cooling boxes as the most popular way to keep things chilled. While you’d normally need an ice bag or pack to help keep things chilly in a normal cool bag or box, an electric box can do all of the chilling and the cooling on its own. That’s because it runs on power! A traditional cool box or bag, of course, is just a bag, or a box – it’s insulated, of course, but it doesn’t actively chill your food and drink.
Electric cool boxes also come with a variety of features. One of the most notable of these is, of course, the ability to keep food and drink warm as well as cold. This is a real asset to anyone who wants to keep flasks of coffee burning hot, and who may be carrying hot food back from somewhere on a long journey. It really can change the game as far as food, drink and travel are all concerned. The portability of electric cool boxes, too, should be noted.
Electric cool boxes, as you’d expect, will always need a power source to operate. This can be one of the let-downs of investing in a box, as it will mean that you need to stay connected to the mains in order for it to work its magic. However, that shouldn’t be too much of an ask if you are running a car or are at a campsite which has mains rental available.

Things to Keep in Mind
Yes – most electric cool boxes do pretty much offer the same service. However, there are still going to be a few variables which are worth considering when you are shopping around. Not all cool boxes are going to fit your specific needs, and you are probably already wondering why there are so many different prices for these systems. What’s making some models more expensive than others? Wonder no more, as we’re about to take a closer look.

Size and Volume
Of course, one of the major things you need to bear in mind is how big you need your cool box to be. If you want to store big bottles of drink or a picnic’s worth of food, then go for something with a lot of volume – obviously! However, there is going to be a trade-off here in terms of portability and weight. The more volume you opt for, the bigger and bulkier your cool box is going to be. This means you are going to need to consider when and where you are going to take your cool box, and whether or not the portability and transportation of your model outweigh your need for volume.

In many cases, you’ll find models with plenty of volume and portability features built-in. For example, some will have sturdy handles that you can use to carry them around. However, it still makes sense to consider size and weight for space and portability reasons.

Naturally, an electric cool box is going to need some form of power source. Unfortunately, you won’t find electric boxes that can run on batteries alone. However, you will find plenty which can plug into your car’s battery. This means you should be able to easily cool down and warm up food and drink on long journeys with minimal energy usage on route.
As mentioned, there may be some campsites and accommodations you travel to which provide electric rental. Therefore, you shouldn’t discount looking closer at electric cool boxes just because the idea of staying plugged in seems counter-productive.
Look for an electric cool box which is easy to plug in via car and power outlet, and make sure to choose a model which will work hard to keep things warm or cool as you desire.

Temperature Control
It’s probably easy to think that all cool boxes will simply keep things ‘cool’. However, boxes can actually work at different temperatures. This means you should be careful in looking for boxes that can drop to cold temperatures. If you really want to keep things cool, the lower the temperature, the better. You should also look carefully at how long a cool box can maintain its temperature for. Not all electric cool boxes can heat things up, either, so make sure to shop around for a model that has a temperature control you can easily manage. There aren’t many modes that a cool box can switch between, meaning you should be able to find a hot/cold box pretty easily.

Compartments and Features
Not all cool boxes are the same in terms of compartments and inner functionality. If you are likely to go on a lot of picnics, you may wish to buy a box that has compartments for wine bottles, cutlery and more. Some cool boxes will even be designed with outer storage, making them fantastic all-around storage systems on the go. Do be aware, however, that these added luxuries can arrive at a price. However, the market is fairly wide. We’ll cover pricing a little further down.

Frequently Asked Questions
It’s probably simple to think that there aren’t going to be many questions you should ask about cool boxes. However, you’d be surprised! Ultimately, you want to make sure you are buying a system you can rely on during warm and cold months alike. Here are just a few queries shoppers are likely to ask when they look for the ideal electric cool box.

Are All Electric Cool Boxes Portable?
You would think that most cool boxes are portable by design, and this is certainly the case for the most part. However, do be aware that some models are more than a bit on the hefty side, which means they are not ideally suited to portability. Some are best for setting up in your car, or for leaving at your accommodation. You should be able to find plenty of boxes which have handles built into their designs, however, which should be a pretty big clue.

How Cold Should My Cool Box Be?
Generally, you should be looking for cool boxes than drop around 20 degrees centigrade beneath room temperature. These boxes should give you plenty of chill for your money, and do also make sure that they can maintain this temperature.

How Much Do Electric Cool Boxes Cost?
This is a fairly broad question. However, you could be looking at paying as little as £40-£50. For more volume and added features such as compartments and external storage, you may need to pay a little more. Be prepared to pay more than £100 for the fancier models, though this won’t always guarantee that you get the best tech for your money. Don’t turn your nose up at a bargain!

How Long Can Cool Boxes Keep Things Cold and Hot For?
This really depends on what you’re looking to store, as well as on the power and functionality of individual systems. This is something we do advise you look at carefully if you want to make sure you invest in the best system for your needs. However, don’t just trust product marketing. Make sure to read verified buyer reviews and trust word of mouth wherever possible.

Electric cool boxes are fantastic at helping to keep things warm and cold as and when required. However, there is still plenty of variation in the market. Take a look around and be ready to compare buyer reviews!

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