The UK’s Best Coffee Pod Machines

Making coffee has undoubtedly gotten more convenient over the years. There’s no longer the need to deal with granules or beans unless you really want to!

For plenty of people, capsules and coffee pods offer a quick, easy way to get great-tasting, piping hot brews at the touch of a button. In this day and age, everything has to be super-convenient!

Best Coffee Capsule Machine (August 2022)

However, you may be under the impression that all coffee pod machines do the same thing. This really isn’t the case! Before diving in and buying your first machine, you should think about comparing and contrasting some of the more popular models on the market.

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Capsule and Pod Coffee Machines: A Buyer’s Guide For 2022

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about coffee pod machines, and we’ll address some of the more common questions people ask while shopping, too.

Why Buy a Capsule or Coffee Pod Machine?

If you’re used to brewing your coffee with filters or with granules, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to pods and capsules. Ultimately, these machines are designed to help make things that little bit easier to manage.

All you need to do is pop in a pod, press a few buttons, wait for your machine to work its magic, and hey presto – you have an expertly blended coffee.

One of the big draws of coffee pod machines isn’t just the ease of use, but the variety of flavours and other choices available. Most leading coffee brands have released a range of pods, meaning that if you prefer cappuccinos to espressos or even the other way around, you can pick and choose which pods to pop in your machine.

Often, brewing coffee this way also ends up being a lot more affordable than through traditional means, too.

Some machines come with a variety of bells and whistles, but you will more often than not end up having to pay a premium for the privilege! Keep reading, and we’ll break down some of the most common features and factors for you to help you make the right choice with your first capsule brewer.

Pod and Capsule Differences

If you’re new to this style of coffee-making, you’d be forgiving for thinking that pods and capsules are one and the same. They’re not! Before you go ahead and buy a machine which can process both, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Pods are somewhat like teabags, only a little more rounded, and with coffee in the middle. These are made of paper and are designed with maximum porosity, so that the coffee can blend with water supplied by a machine.

Capsules are a little fancier, on the whole. These are tiny parcels, normally sealed in foil and plastic. These can arrive in a variety of different sizes depending on the brand, and depending on how much coffee you need. Always make sure to check your machine before you buy any capsules.

Things to Look Out For

Let’s start breaking things down a little further. What are some of the crucial points and factors you need to bear in mind when buying a capsule or pod coffee machine?
Specific Fits and Styles

Some coffee machines, believe it or not, will only accept capsules of certain size and shape. Some may even only accept specific brands, for example Nescafe. To avoid making a potentially costly mistake, and to avoid disappointment, always check capsule compatibility before buying.


Coffee machines will differ in terms of the amount of pressure they offer. The higher the number, the more force will be applied during brewing. Take a look at what verified buyers have to say if you’re unsure how this affects your choice.

Tank Capacity

Likely to brew up for a lot of people? Look for a larger water tank. Do also make sure to buy a model with a tank which can be easily removed or refilled without hassle. If you opt for a smaller model, you’re likely going to be doing this a lot.

Drink Creation

How adaptable is your coffee machine? Are there presents for different drinks, or do you only get one or two options when brewing? If you like a range of hot drinks, keep a close eye on your machine’s range of features and capabilities.

Ease of Pouring

This may not sound like an issue at first, but consider how comfortable it is going to be for you to position your favourite mug or cup. Some models make it awkward for you to position under the spout. Again, make sure you read up on what other users have to say to get the full lowdown.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few more questions you’d like to ask before you buy. Here’s our pick of the most frequently-asked queries people have while shopping around.

How Much Should I Pay for a Coffee Machine?

Generally, depending on features you need or are willing to sacrifice, you can expect to pay around £40-£50 at absolute minimum. However, more advanced models, with added features and flexibility, will demand more, upwards of £100 and towards £300 in some cases.

Should I Use Pods or Capsules?

Neither really has the edge in general – it all depends on what is convenient for you. Capsules tend to perhaps come in more blends and varieties. However, some people prefer the simplicity of pods. Ultimately, it’s going to come down to your own taste.

Do Coffee Pod Machines Froth Milk?

While you can buy standalone milk frothing machines, you will find that there are some coffee pod and capsule machines which will do this for you. That may well be plenty of money saved in the bargain! Again, this can be seen as a premium feature, and will generally require you to pay more.


There are a million different ways to make coffee. For many people, pods and capsules are the simplest, most affordable and most convenient! Take a look at what reviewers and buyers have to say.

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