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There is nothing quite like learning how to ride a bike for the first time! With that in mind, all children are going to need a helping hand when getting started on the saddle.

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Children’s Bikes: A Buying Guide For 2022

Cycling is fantastic exercise, and it’s great fun for kids who want to explore their local area – providing Mum and Dad allow it, of course! As adult bikes can get quite complex, it’s worth looking at children’s bikes which will work as a great introduction to the world of two-wheeled travel.

But what should you really be looking for from a children’s bike? Not only should you be looking at designs, but you should also be considering ease of use, safety features and more besides. In this buying guide, we will lay it all out for you to consider. Don’t go putting any money down until you’ve considered the points we have to raise below!

At the end of the guide, as always, we will consider some of the more popular queries and concerns buyers have raised when it comes to finding the perfect bikes for their kids.

Main Points to Consider

When it comes to buying the perfect bikes for your children, there are plenty of different points you are going to need to consider. A child’s bike isn’t just going to be something they use once and never again. It should be a reliable investment, and for that reason, you should be ready to fine-tune your shopping experience. Don’t just go for the flashy models because your kids want them!

Bike Sizes

The most important thing you are going to need to consider when buying a child’s bike is the size. Buying the wrong size of bike for your child’s age and height is going to end up being uncomfortable and less than safe for them. With that in mind, try to bear in mind the size of the wheels supplied with a bike to safely measure up.

Very young children – those aged two to four – will likely need a bike width a wheel size of 12” to 14”. Children of five to eight will generally be ok with bike wheels of around 16” to 20” in size. However, there may be some overlap between ages eight and eleven due to growth spurts. You may need a wheel size of around 20”-24” instead. As your children grow beyond the age of eleven, be sure to opt for bigger wheels, somewhere around 26” should be adequate.

Many children’s bike ranges will have guides and scales for you to use while buying. In many cases, it is worth measuring your child for how easily they will be able to stand up and clear their bike. This is called an inseam measurement, and there are many guides online to help you understand this scale.

Accounting for Child Growth

Children grow up very quickly, which means you are going to need to bear in mind your investment. Buying a bike for a very young child means it will likely have two or three years’ use in its future. However, children do grow at varying rates, which means you may have to use a height scale to better choose the right fit.

Many bicycle manufacturers are well aware that their bikes need to be adaptable for kids for maximum value. Therefore, it will certainly be worth looking for adjustable bikes which grow with your child. However, do expect to pay a little extra for the more advanced or more flexible systems. These will let you easily adjust seats and handlebars. It is well worth comparing what is available on the market, and reading up on what other parents have to say.

Types of Bike

Not all bikes are the same, especially when kids’ models are concerned! For very young riders, tricycles are going to be an obvious choice to help them get used to pedals and the motion of riding a bike. However, balance bikes and stabiliser systems are also very popular when teaching your children how to ride with confidence.

These systems will give your kids more balance when riding for the first time, and you can eventually upgrade to a free-roaming model without the assists. A great choice for kids, too, is a BMX – these simple bikes are free from confusing gears and mechanisms, which means they are simply free to ride. However, do upgrade to a gear system for steeper slopes and the like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some popular queries posed by frequent bicycle shoppers.

What Safety Equipment Should My Children Wear While Riding Bikes?

It is crucial that your children wear protection while riding bikes. At the very least, a solid helmet is recommended, as are knee and elbow pads to prevent grazing. Bike helmets, in particular, never stop being crucial wear for two-wheeled travel. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get your kids into safe habits from an early age.

How Much Should I Spend on a Children’s Bike?

As discussed, a kids’ bike is going to be a big investment which may get outgrown fairly quickly. Simpler bikes are available for £100 and less, but you may wish to look closely at models of £200 or more for the best features. Beyond £300-£400, you will be looking at adjustable systems which will adapt to your child as they grow.

What Are the Best Kids’ Bike Designs?

This is where you can really bring your kids into the buying decisions! Children’s bikes are designed in a variety of styles, colours and after various popular characters. There is a huge market for popular TV series and brands; however, if your child is likely to grow out of cartoons fairly quickly, make sure to agree on a neutral design that they love. Don’t let the design dictate your choice, but do let your kids pick the bikes they actually want to ride!


Children’s bikes arrive in a huge variety of styles and systems. Take a look at what other parents have to say, and make sure to invest in a bike that will last years of fun and active use.

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