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Camping Tables: A Buyer’s Guide

Going camping means making the outdoors your home, at least for a little while. While plenty of us enjoy roughing it and getting acquainted with the great outdoors, there are plenty more of us out there who want to take modern, comfortable items with us on the go. Why do you think tents and camping beds have become so sophisticated? If you are willing to invest the money, there are plenty of ways you can make camping a truly luxurious experience. One of many furniture choices people make when glamping is, of course, camping tables.
But aren’t all camping tables the same? They might do the same things, on the whole, but there are key differences in how they set up, as well as in what they are made of. That’s why this buyer’s guide exists – to help break things down for you before you put any money down! If you are serious about kitting out your camping essentials for the year ahead, it’s important that you consider as many leading options as possible.
In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know. At the end of the guide, we will also consider a few frequently asked questions, too, which buyers pose before they make any concrete decisions. Read on for the full lowdown!

Why Buy a Camping Table?
Anyone who has been camping before will likely ask ‘why not’. After all, camping is a very social experience. Many people will want to eat picnics and to socialise over drinks while camping out and about. It could be a good purchase if you’re looking to go to festivals and big events. Or, if you’re going on family trips, you may need somewhere spacious and sturdy to seat the little ones. Camping tables can make all the difference if you’re likely to eat or drink a lot with friends and family on the veranda.
What’s more, some tables come with seating as standard. Many will snap up and down and compact, meaning that they are easy to transport and that there is little assembly or maintenance required. Your whole seating and table support could be easy to pop up as soon as you arrive at your pitch. It’s a hugely convenient option!
Do also think about how comfy sitting on the ground actually is, long term. If you are likely to picnic a lot, keeping everything on the floor, even on wraps or sheets, could put things at risk of ant or bug attacks! Choose a table that’s likely to keep your food and drink elevated and easy to access.
On top of this, you may simply want to buy a table that helps to make things homely. Not everyone who goes camping enjoys the ‘roughing it’ side of things! Therefore, it’s worth taking a good look through options online and seeing what other buyers have to say.

Things You Should Keep in Mind
There are plenty of factors you need to compare when buying camping tables. More than you might imagine, in fact! That’s what this buying guide is here to help you with – to cut through the masses of choice available and to find your perfect solution. It’s not always straightforward!

Ease of Transportation
Ease of use and transportation is a key element to all good camping tables. Think about how much gear you need to carry around with you in the first place! A good camping table should be one which compacts down easily, is lightweight and is slimline to fit in your car. Therefore, you should always be ready to look for tables that are easy enough for you to pick up and wield where necessary. Unsure of your own strength? Then make sure to follow other people’s leads. Check what people say in verified reviews. Otherwise, you might end up with a table system that’s big, bulky, and generally inconvenient.

Storage Options
As well as being a great support for food and drink, you may find that some camping tables come with extra storage options. This means you should find it easy to keep some of your most frequently-used camping items to hand at all times. Simpler, less expensive tables will likely come with less features and facilities. However, it makes sense to look for tables that have extra widgets and features attached.

Stability and Durability
Your camping table is likely to stand on some pretty uneven grounds, and what’s more, you are probably going to want to use it in all weathers. Therefore, you should look at investing in a table that’s going to stand steady on grounds of all natures, and which is going to withstand plenty of rain and wind. The best camping tables should also be easy to clean and maintain, meaning that you won’t have to do much to wipe them down and keep them looking great from use to use.
With stability, pay attention to the manufacture. Look into the material used, as well as how sturdy the legs and platforms appear to be. It’s not always easy to discern this from photos. However, what you can do is take a look at tables in physical stores and look at what other buyers have to say when it comes to their own use over years of camping. Trust opinions!

Seating Options
Do you buy a camping table which folds out with chairs, or one which stands alone? The choice is yours, of course. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive camping table option, you might want to invest in a model that folds out into several chairs, too. This helps to give things a portable picnic table vibe, which will be fantastic for families and friend groups alike.

Other Points
Not all camping tables are going to be the best fit for all campers. Consider weight, volume, portability and, of course, cup holders. You might also want to invest in a table which is very easy to customise. This means you could buy tables which come with holes for umbrellas or parasols. You How Much could even find tables which split apart, or which move around on casters. There is plenty of variation in the market, which is why you should never throw your money at the first table you see.

Frequently Asked Questions
As always, it’s time for us to delve into a few commonly asked queries. These pointers may help you find the perfect camping table for your regular trips and picnics! Read on before you buy.

Do I Really Need a Camping Table?
This is a question you should really ask yourself, not us! A camping table will help to keep camping sociable, and it will also help you to keep food and drink off the floor. It’s also going to be a great storage solution in many cases. Therefore, think about your current camping comforts, and whether or not a table and chairs could help to improve the comfort and luxury of your holidays and adventures.

How Much Do Camping Tables Cost?
This really can vary, and it all depends on the functionality and durability you desire. We think you should look at spending around £50-£60, on the whole, however, you can buy tables for as little as £20-£30. Be prepared, however, for these tables to offer less stability and less functionality on the whole. It’s all well and good looking for a bargain, but when it comes to long term use, you should be willing to put a little more money down.

What Size Table Should I Buy?
The size of camping table you need is going to depend on how many people are likely to use it regularly. What’s more, you are going to need to think about your own strength, as well as the room you have available to transport it. Don’t go buying an enormous table for the sake of it if you only have a small two-door car, or if it’s literally just for you and one other person!

Are Camping Tables Easy to Set Up?
It’s a good question, and it’s sadly not one that’s so easy to answer. The best answer, therefore, is ‘they should be’! This is going to vary depending on the size and type of camping table you invest in. Therefore, if assembly and quick setups are important to you, keep an eye on those crucial verified buyer reviews. Otherwise, you could find yourself lumbered with a cumbersome system that’s a nightmare to deal with on the go.

Camping tables are fantastic assets for millions of people all over the world. However, they will differ in terms of shape, size, durability and ease of use. That’s why it’s so important to compare and contrast! Take our points on board and do make sure to value other people’s opinions. A good camping table should make life easier for you – not the reverse! Take a look at tables in camping stores as well as online for the full scope of the market.

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