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Brush Cutters: A Buyer’s Guide

Cutting the lawn is something most of us have to do at some point in our lives. However, there are some patches of grass and undergrowth can be a real nightmare to get access to. In some cases, we have to get down on our hands and knees with a manual pair of secateurs, or even a pair of grass scissors! While there are plenty of lawnmowers out there which can help you to tackle some of the tougher bits of growth in your garden, it makes sense to look for a tool which can help you reach these nooks and crannies. A brush cutter, therefore, might just be your best ally in the fight against troublesome undergrowth.
But how exactly can a brush cutter help you? What sets some of the best brush cutter models apart? It’s not always to shop around for systems like this, especially when it seems likely that they can mainly all do the same thing! However, it’s not necessarily as cut-and-dried as that (pun intended).
Therefore, we’ve set up a buying guide to help you navigate the tricky world of buying the perfect brush cutter for your garden. We understand that all gardens and lawns are going to be slightly different! However, it makes sense that you should know what you’re shopping for, and what separates some of the more common products and tools apart.
Stick around and at the end of the guide we have lined up some commonly asked questions, too – many of which people are asking online right now. Struggling to find the best brush cutter for your garden? You’re not alone!

Why Buy a Brush Cutter?
It might not occur to you that you need a brush cutter right away. In fact, many people end up buying them simply because problems arise! However, it can be a crucial part of any gardener’s toolkit, which means it is well worth looking carefully at what’s on the market.
A brush cutter is going to help you cut through those tough weeds and thick grass which a lawnmower might otherwise struggle with. The fact is, not all mowers are tough enough to cut everything down. That’s why many people choose external tools to fell some of the thicker stuff.
A brush cutter is a little similar to a strimmer in a way. However, they are much more intensive, and are designed to cut through some of the toughest growths in any garden space. In fact, you can even use them to help trim down bushes, and through thick undergrowth. A great brush cutter is not just ideal for garden perfectionists, as getting rid of the tougher stuff can help to make things more manageable and easier to maintain in the months and years to come. Who said mowing the lawn was going to be easy?
However, if you’re still unsure quite why a brush cutter might be a worthwhile investment, we have plenty of details to fill you in.

Things to Consider
While most brush cutters are ideal at cutting through thick vegetation and grass, there are some crucial differences in the products and tools on the wider market. That’s why we’re here – to help break them down for you – and to prevent you from throwing too much money behind a system that might not work for you. Here are the essentials you need to keep in mind when shopping around for the perfect brush cutter.

Power Types
As with many garden tools, brush cutters can fall into two different power types – electric and petrol. Some people prefer electric as it can be more cost-effective than petrol cutting, however, many people use petrol brush cutters for ease of movement. There is no need to stay plugged in! Electric models, however, can also be easier to clean and maintain, on the whole. Therefore, you’re going to need to consider your needs, and your budget. If you can afford a petrol cutter, is it worth the environmental kick-back?

Engine Types
You won’t need to worry about engine types with an electric brush cutter. Before we cover that, consider the type of engine you want from a petrol cutter. You can normally choose between two and four stroke engines. However, the choice you make will impact on the type of petrol you can use. Choose a four stroke engine, for example, and you can use everyday petrol and oil. Two stroke engines are a little different, meaning that you may have to use specific fuel.

Most brush cutters are pretty slim and easy to store. However, depending on the types of model you look at, you may find that some are fairly cumbersome and hard to move around. Therefore, you should consider your own strength! The best brush cutters are lightweight and robust. However, you might find that some petrol cutters are heavier to move from place to place. Others may let you lock your power cord in place and will therefore inspire easier storage. It’s worth considering how easy it is to move and store a cutter before you buy, especially if you’re already struggling with space.

The bets brush cutters are likely to come with a variety of accessories. At the very least, you should be able to adapt them! For example, you can upgrade some brush cutters to tackle different types of grass, weeds and growths. Customisation, accessibility and adaptability are crucial in all garden tools – and power tools in general – as you’re only ever paying one price for several units in one.

Sturdiness and Durability
When working with any kind of power tool, you are of course going to need some kind of sturdiness. You should look at brush cutters which are built to last. This isn’t something that is always easy to spot, however, so make sure you look at user reviews and consider what’s going to give you the least wobble. Paying more doesn’t mean you always get the best manufacture, and neither does buying from leading brands. However, it might help to give you a bit more confidence!

Ease of Maintenance
All garden tools are going to need some form of maintenance and care in the long run. Brush cutters, as intensive tools, are going to need oiling every now and again. Therefore, it makes sense that you should find a system that’s pretty undemanding. Again, this is something that’s probably going to be easier to shop for if you look at what users have to say. However, make sure to look for systems which come with enough flexibility and accessories to help you clean and maintain. The last thing you’re going to need is a cutter that’s easy to use on the garden, but a pain to keep clean and clog-free.

Frequently Asked Questions
As one of the less common garden tools you might find in an average shed, there are plenty of people out there asking plenty of questions. Therefore, why not take a look and see what people have to say? Here’s our round-up of some of the more common searches and queries on the web.

What’s the Difference Between Garden Strimmers and Brush Cutters?
Brush cutters tend to be more adaptable than garden strimmers and hedge trimmers. While strimmers are great at taking care of lighter growths and mild vegetation, brush cutters are made of tougher stuff! This means that they are perfect for whittling down at the really rough stuff your garden is likely to bring forth. Many people buy strimmers thinking they will do the job well, when in fact, they need a brush cutter.

What is a Brush Cutter Able to Cut?
Depending on the model you buy, you will likely find that a brush cutter can hack its way through vegetation that’s a few inches thick. This is thanks to an intensive metal blade. Therefore, while a strimmer is going to help you take care of thin grass and weeds, tougher blighters which need a good chopping will easily fall to a brush cutter. Of course, as a brush cutter is so fierce, it’s something you should always exercise caution with!

How Much Do Brush Cutters Cost?
This, again, is something which varies – a lot. A great brush cutter with plenty of accessories is likely to cost anywhere between £100 and £200. However, you might be able to find a bargain or two for slightly less. Paying more doesn’t always follow in terms of getting the best tech, however, if you are looking for a worthwhile investment, it may be worth putting more than the entry price behind a good tool. This way, you at least have something you can rely on for years to come.

It might not be too obvious right away that you need a brush cutter. However, they are fantastic at helping you to slice through some of the tougher, nastier stuff your garden is known for sprouting up. Why not take a look online, and what other people have to say about available ranges and products?

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