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Basketball Hoops: A Buyer’s Guide

Fancy yourself a pro on the court? The best way you’re ever going to practice your basketball skills is by setting up a hoop at home. Whether on the back of a garage door or in the garden, people all over the world practice their hoop-shooting skills from an early age without ever actually leaving their homes! Therefore, it makes perfect sense to invest in a basketball hoop if you or your kids are eager to sharpen up on your courtside skills. But how do you know which hoops and accessories are the best for the games you want to play? Don’t worry – we can help with that.
Yes – believe it or not, there are plenty of different basketball hoops and stands out there, which of course means you are going to need to narrow down the playing field. In this buying guide, we will look at all the factors and features which go towards some of the best basketball hoops on the market. We’ll consider budgets, size, skill levels and more. At the end of the guide, too, we will run through a few commonly asked questions that buyers are likely to pose when shopping around online.
Ultimately, it’s never worth just throwing your money into one hoop until you really know what’s likely to be best for you. Read on for the full lowdown.

Why Buy a Basketball Hoop?
Basketball is a lot of fun. While not all of us can be NBA stars, it’s a great way to exercise, and what’s more, it’s one of the most engaging sports you can play with your kids at home. Along with football, you can get really competitive with your kids when shooting one on one! What’s more, it’s a great activity the whole family can play. The size of your court, naturally, is going to depend on how big your patio or driveway is!
A basketball hoop is likely going to work out a lot cheaper than investing in expensive trips to your local court or sports centre. What’s more, many kids find it fun to learn hoop skills at home before heading to bigger public courts. Therefore, why not take it easier on them and set up a basketball court of your own at home?
Playing basketball at home will give you a great chance to get into the basic rules of the game. If your kids show aptitude in playing the sport, it will be the perfect place for them to practice. Of course, basketball must be played on a hard surface so you can get a good bounce. Therefore, you’re going to need to think carefully about where you want to set your hoop. Otherwise, you could end up with a system that’s going to look out of place or is just going to be a serious waste of money!
But don’t worry – we’re here to help you look at all the things you need to consider before you shoot those hoops with your hard-earned cash.

Things to Keep in Mind
Sure – all basketball hoops do the same thing, but as you can probably tell, there are plenty of things which separate them. You’re going to need to look really carefully for a hoop that fits your physical location as well as your budget. Practicality is something you need to focus on with purchases such as these! Here are the essential factors and features you should keep in mind while shopping around.

Hoop Height
Yes – this is going to be the first thing you look for. However, you’re going to need to think carefully about where you’re setting up your hoop before you pick the size or height. A full-height hoop is probably going to need around 10 to 15 feet of space in between you and the pole, meaning that you should think carefully about where you’re going to put a full-size net. You can buy some hoops which are much smaller than the traditional height, however, many people avoid these for fear of missing out on the full experience.

Naturally, you’re going to need a basketball hoop and setup which is going to weather the months and years to come. Otherwise, you could be stuck with a cheap, flimsy model that breaks easily. Think about how often you’re going to use your hoop. Are you going to be shooting every day? If so, look for a hoop with a firm back and good durability. You should also look at the quality of the hoop itself, too. Otherwise, as stated, you’re going to end up breaking something.

Skill Level and Age
We mentioned that many people won’t invest in anything smaller than the real thing. That’s all well and good, but you need to think about accessibility. Who is likely to use the hoop the most? If it’s your kids, then you should probably think about aiming a bit smaller than most hoops. However, you can find those with variable heights, meaning you can amp the difficulty level up as they progress.
Adjustable goals are also a great idea if you or your kids intend to really stick at your shooting. If this is going to be a long-term pursuit, think carefully about the size and structure of your hoop. Buying too large could put some beginners off. It doesn’t make sense to buy a tiny hoop, either, as if you’re likely to really get into the game, you will just end up wasting money on a bigger hoop later on. Therefore, it makes sense to really shop for those adjustable systems.

Ease of Setup
You can get some hoops which you can easily hang over the doors in your home. However, outdoor hoops are a bit different. You’re going to need to invest in a hoop or goal that’s easy to move if you need to. What’s more, if an adjustable goal is on your agenda, you should look at a system which will be easy to lengthen and shorten again if you need to. Make sure to invest in a system that is going to grow with you – but don’t shy away from those models which offer ease of setup and maintenance from the word go, either.

Yes, believe it or not, there are some basketball hoops which won’t withstand the British summer. You’re going to need to find a weatherproof or waterproof hoop which you can easily use in wind and rain alike. This way, you can leave it out in all weathers. Those hoops which won’t work in the rain are going to rust, spoil and generally break apart in the long run. It all falls under durability.

Frequently Asked Questions
Of course, those looking to buy a basketball hoop or goal for the first time will probably have more than a few questions to ask. It’s to be expected! Therefore, make sure to take a look at what people are asking across the web. We’ve pulled together a few common queries to help you look a little closer into what buyers need from their hoops. These queries could well help you, too!

What Are Basketball Backboards Made Of?
This can really vary. Traditionally, they are made of glass or plexiglass. They tend to be a bit safer to use at home, though you will find plenty of hoops that use tempered glass for the most durability. You can buy hoops with plastic backboards, but these are never likely to last too long through intensive use. Therefore, be sure to shoot for more than just a simple plastic backing.

Do I Need to Buy Basketballs Separately?
Not always, but don’t surprised if you find that some hoops recommend specific balls to you. You can find some packages that offer introductory balls. However, it’s actually worth shopping for basketballs separately, at least because the best pieces of kit will always be sold on their own. Check out what the hoop marketing states, and, as always, read up on what verified buyers have to say. They’re good barometers for setting your own experiences and expectations, on the whole.

How Much Do Basketball Hoops Cost?
You’ll generally find a good basketball hoop for anywhere between £40 and £100. It really depends on the models you buy, and whether you are buying kids’ hoops or adjustable systems. Be sure to compare carefully. The best hoops are likely to cost more than £100, so if you are interested in making the full investment, don’t be shy in putting your money where your mouth is.

Basketball hoops are great fun for all the family. However, they are fantastic investments if you or a member of the family has designs on being the next LeBron James. Therefore, always be sure to shoot (pun intended) for options that fit your long-term goals. How much use are you going to get out of your hoop? How big is your home court? Compare carefully and take into account the points we raise above. Otherwise, take a look at what buyers and players have to say elsewhere!

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