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Adult Tricycles: A Buyer’s Guide

Who says kids have to have all the fun? Tricycles, while popularly used to help kids get to grips with riding a cycle of any kind, are popular for their stability and easy riding. Therefore, it was only going to be a matter of time before someone decided to adapt the transport for adult means! Adult tricycles may sound like overgrown toys, but they actually offer fantastic stability and ease of riding from road to road. They may not be too common, but in the years to come, they are likely to pick up more interest.
Adult tricycles are amazingly convenient and simple to use for a variety of reasons. While they may not be the first choice of transport for anyone looking to compete in the Tour De France, they offer a lot of comfort and security to those people who want to ride bicycles, but who may lack the stability and balance to keep safe while riding around.
Many people love riding adult tricycles because they are much safer to use that bicycles. What’s more, many people enjoy lying back and just taking in the journey. But how do you even start when it comes to picking the right tricycle for you? Just as there are a few things you need to compare and bear in mind when it comes to bicycles and other manual transport, there are always going to be a few bits and pieces that separate the more popular trikes on the market.
In this buyer’s guide, we will take you through everything you need to know. New to adult tricycles? Don’t worry – so are many people! Stick around for the end of the guide, too, and we will break down some frequently asked questions to help you filter out those all-important choices.

Why Buy an Adult Tricycle?
Why not? Much like a child’s tricycle, an adult model works on the system whereby a third wheel is added to the front of the frame, giving you added stability, and allowing you sit and lean back in a chair that is supported by two back wheels. Adult trikes are popular because, unlike normal bikes, they offer a lot of comfort while travelling. It’s safe to say that your average bicycle can be a real push to manoeuvre – it’s great exercise, but is it always the easiest way to travel? Maybe not!
Many people are investing in adult tricycles for the amazing comfort and ease of use they foster. For example, in many cases, you will be able to recline in a cushioned seat and just let your feet do the work for you. What’s more, there are no complicated braking or stopping mechanisms. If you want to put your feet down while you ride, or if you need to stop suddenly, it is easy to do so.
Ultimately, an adult tricycle is a system which offers a comfortable, slow and easy ride to anyone who wants to get behind the handlebars. They are often very popular with older people, and those who may not be as steady as others when it comes to riding bikes. They are also popular with people who just want a simple ride – and to enjoy the great outdoors. That’s not always possible on some of the bigger, meaner bikes out there, meaning a trike could well be the best option for you if you’re tired of the fatigue and strain of riding a mountain bike everywhere.
Adult tricycles are also fantastic investments for people with injuries or who may be less mobile, who still need to take on gentle exercise. Therefore, you may wish to buy into a trike if you normally have difficulty getting out and about.
Crucially, an adult tricycle is a perfect mode of luxury transport. Why not take a closer look at what’s available to you online?

Types of Tricycle
Yes – adult tricycles can even break down into different types and forms. For example, there are some trikes which are upright, and which put you in a standing position. Others, meanwhile, are recumbent, while means they are near to ground level and give you a seat to recline into. This model is often one of the most popular.
You might even want to look at trikes which differ in terms of convenience. You can buy tricycles which fold right up, making them easy to store and to carry around as you please. Others, meanwhile, are fully electric! This means that if you do want to coast or cruise for a little while, you can take your feet off the pedals and let the motor do the hard work for you. However, to get it up to speed, you are still going to need to do a fair bit of pedalling yourself – we’re sorry to say!

Other Things to Keep in Mind
Yes – there’s even more to look for when you compare and contrast. Don’t put any money behind an adult tricycle until you have read everything we have to say on them!

Added Features
Not all tricycles are just going to offer a few wheels, a seat and some handlebars. In fact, you may find that some models are actually pretty feature-rich. If you’re the sort of person who is really at home with stacks of gizmos, then you’ll probably be delighted by some of the added extras adult tricycles come with.
For example, some tricycles will offer you a variety of gears that you can use to navigate various terrains. For example, a basic first gear system is unlikely to get you uphill! Choose a system that has plenty of gears if you know you’re going to ride anywhere other than flats. Do also look for added safety features, too. Just because a trike is intrinsically safer than a bike by design doesn’t mean it’s worth just letting your safety fall by the wayside.

Alloys and Builds
Tricycles are, on the whole, built in different materials and metals. The material you choose is likely going to depend on how much you can feasibly lift and carry. However, some of the best high-end material and builds allow for smoother rides and greater durability over years of use. This will generally cost more money in terms of investment upfront, however, it may well be worth it in the long run.

Wheel Size
Wheel size, too, is going to play a big part in the trike you eventually choose. Most adult tricycles scale all the way up to 26” in wheel diameter. However, you may wish to look for a smaller diameter for more stability. Go higher if you are particularly tall, as this will give you more legroom and help to make things more comfortable.

What you may find across various tricycles on the market is the fact that some are primed and ready for storage. You will find that some trikes have baskets on the rear, which means you can go for gentle rides while doing some shopping. As an adult trike is built to be incredibly convenient, it’s hardly surprising that there are so many out there with basket and storage facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions
Adult tricycles may seem simple, but there is always plenty to talk about. For example, there are always going to be a few slight differences between the bigger names and models on the market. How do you know what’s best for you? Take a look at some frequently asked questions buyers are regularly posing all over the web.

Are Adult Tricycles Easy to Ride?
Yes. They are much easier to learn how to ride than everyday bikes, and that is something taken into account in the design. They are built to offer a smoother, more relaxing entry-level ride. That’s why they are perfect for older people, and for those who might not be as steady on a bicycle.

How Much Do Adult Tricycles Cost?
Adult trikes are surprisingly affordable, likely starting at around £150. However, the best models are likely to extend beyond £300, which means it may be worth saving up a little more cash if you really want to take home transport that will weather the years to come.

Where Can I Ride an Adult Tricycle?
As with bicycles, the law is often a bit confusing when it comes to road legality. Before you buy an adult trike for yourself, it may be worth checking with an advisor at your local authority or council. They will be able to let you know if you can legally ride a trike on local roads or paths. It’s better to prepare for this in advance than to fall foul of the law at a later date!

While an adult tricycle may not be a vehicle you come across too often, they are quickly becoming popular with people in search of smooth, easy rides. They are popping up a lot online, too – why not take a look at what’s available, and bear our buying guide advice above in mind while you shop around?

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