Hi, I’m Neil.

My full name is Neil Michael Henry David Upton, which, I believe, gives me a pretty unique identity.

I’m a busy dad, but in my spare time have many interests, including property development, gardening, and Do-It-Yourself. Read more below on main passion which is following all the latest technology and product trends.

I have a growing readership and love engaging with individuals, brands and other bloggers.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss potential collaboration opportunities please contact me.

My Core Values

I will be sharing more about my philosophy and outlook on life on my website. My three core values that I try to live by each day are…


Living in harmony with others, and looking out for those in need is important, and I try to practice this regularly.


My family are the most important people in my life, and I am grateful and give thanks for them every day.


I try to do unto others, as I would like them to do unto me. Not always easy but something I aspire to.

My Passion

I really enjoy and get great satisfaction when sharing tips and solutions I have found during my journey through life, whether that be as a father, amateur DIYer, or through my career.

My main passion is following the latest tech and new product trends.

I love sharing tips that I have learned I love researching in-depth any major new purchase to ensure I get maximum bang for my buck!

I will be sharing a lot of the product research I do for any new purchases, through round-up posts here on my blog.

Because of this passion, friends and colleagues will often ask me for help with their buying decisions, so I will hopefully be sharing my thoughts and top picks across various product categories.